Ornaments and Australia -- its the Last Word, Sept. 25

Holiday ornaments - The Executive Mansion in Richmond requested one holiday tree ornament from each of Virginia’s 95 counties, 38 cities and 191 towns; due in October 2015. Will James City County/Williamsburg proper solicit from the Art World of this region? Or from its citizens?

I have done business with Printwell Printing in Norge for many years, but I am still amazed at the stunningly quick turn around they consistently provide. Very nice people. I highly recommend them.

I highly recommend April Showers, (757) 875-0105, for irrigation system work. Their service is excellent and work is done professionally and with correct long-term workmanship in mind. I recently had a water emergency related to a pipe bursting (system was installed by another firm years ago), and water service had to be cut off to my house on a Friday night. I called and asked for help from April Showers the next day if possible. The owner, Jim, came on a Saturday morning and worked into the afternoon to reach the pipe which was tangled up in a maze of pipes and a cable conduit above them, and Jim installed a fix for me so that I could have water service restores, and the repair to connect the irrigation pipe could be done in regular business hours the next week. I highly recommend April Showers.

Facing east
Did y’all look at a map and realize that the Statue of Liberty is pointed in the general direction of the entrance to the harbor, so people could see it as they sailed into the harbor? And no matter where the people came from originally, they came to a place that is on the east coast and that they’d have had to end up in the Atlantic to make it to the harbor?

Australia’s guns
For the person speaking about Australia and gun control: Firearms are not illegal in Australia. Australia does have restrictive firearms laws, rifles and shotguns (both of which include semi-automatics), as well as handguns, are all legal within a narrow set of criteria. Other facts: Australia is the 52nd most populous country in the world although its size is about the size of the United States. Its population is concentrated in urban areas and in 2010 was 36 million. The United States is the third most populous country in the world with a current population of 321,729,000. But if you really believe those who wish to get a weapon will not, you are very naive. The Australian government has never given their citizens the right of gun ownership. The “buy back program” you find so appealing, was not voluntary but a mandatory government confiscation and it was directed against automatic weapons and not handguns. Further, after the mandatory confiscation program, there has been very little reduction in criminal acted shootings and no reduction in violent crimes significantly different from the experiences of other free countries during the same period. Our Constitution has given American’s very special rights, like no other country on this earth and each and everyone of our rights should be protected and cherished and not ever infringed upon by government otherwise; the process of government over reach will begin.

Doggone pleased 

Congratulations to Colonial Williamsburg and Heritage Humane Society for the wonderful dog walking event on Saturday morning!  It was heartwarming to see the support among the two organizations and of course all the dogs and their proud owners.  The people of greater Williamsburg area do love their dogs and DOG Street was the perfect setting.   “Liberty" is a welcome addition to Colonial Williamsburg in reaching out to the hearts of its supporters.  Well done, CW and HHS!

Yard-sale manners

Please don't park in driveways or block driveways when attending yard sales. Also, when the owner of the driveway that you are blocking asks you nicely not to block the driveway, don't say something rude. Respect others' property and their right to have full access to their property.

Out of district player?

Is it true that the Warhill volleyball team has a player whose family lives in the Lafayette district?  That would be cheating.  And local school officials, all the way up to the Superintendent's office, know about this situation and choose to look the other way, hoping that no one else will notice?  Shame on you.

Free to a good home 

5-foot upright Frigidaire Freezer.  No longer keeps foods frozen but works well as a refrigerator.  Free to good home; and if you're handy, you can probably fix to freeze again!  Contact 757-220-1956.

National symbols

Ok, let me see if I understand this.  I seem to remember last year where a woman in Georgia was arrested for trying to stop students from a predominately black college from using the United State flag as a doormat.  Yet a predominately white college like William & Mary is afraid to display a Confederate flag on a mace?  Am I missing something here?   

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