Mix-up at pump sidelines drivers

The Virginia Gazette

A mix-up at the gas pump has caused headaches for drivers with gasoline cars that had diesel fuel pumped into their vehicles.

Between Monday night and Tuesday morning a fuel delivery truck for Keenan Advantage Group delivered fuel to the Shell station in the 1300 block of Jamestown Road.

The technician switched the diesel and gasoline, putting roughly 50 to 100 gallons of diesel fuel into the premium fuel tank, said Shell station owner, Ali Imran. 

"It was an honest mistake," Imran said. "We had no idea it happened until we started getting calls."

Imran said he's received between 20 to 25 calls from drivers who've had problems with their vehicles because of the diesel fuel. Diesel will not burn in a gasoline engine, and can cause damage to a vehicle's fuel pump, lines and injectors.

After discovering the error, Imran said he closed the station, had the premium tank drained, cleaned its lines, filters and pumps. The correct gasoline was put in the premium tanks and the pumps re-opened Wednesday, he added.

Local towing company, M & T towing, has towed between 40 and 50 vehicles which seemed to be having problems related to diesel in a gasoline tank, its dispatcher said Thursday evening. 

Several drivers who had the wrong fuel pumped into their cars said they appreciated how Imran and Keenan took responsibility for the mistake and offered to pay for rental cars and any repairs. 

James City County resident Johnathan Stoltz said in a time where many don't want to be held accountable, the station and company's response was "a breath of fresh air."

Imran said his station featured its popular sale, "20 cents of Tuesday," when many of the drivers who were given the wrong gas came in. He apologized for mix-up and urged them to come back. 

"There was no malicious intent here. We want to make it right. We have a garage here, we can fix your car, or you can take it elsewhere," he said. "We will pay for it."

Call the gas station at (757) 229-6356 or the representative from Keenan Advantage Group, Brian Wymer, at (330) 409-1077 with any concerns or claims.  

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