Last Word in fun: Cribbage, Jan. 23

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Readers are ready with recomendations for vets, dinner and preserving photos/

Great game

It was good to see the recent article about the cribbage tournament in Williamsburg. I was impressed with both the number of people participating and the distances that they travel in order to compete. In a few weeks, the new catalog of classes sponsored by WALT (Williamsburg Area Learning Tree) will be published in the Gazette. It will contain a cribbage class for beginners. Watch for it!


We have used Dr. Cohen at Godspeed Animal Hospital for many years and have been extremely pleased with, not only his skills, but how he treats our dog. We have a friend who comes from Newport News to see only Dr. Cohen and calls him the "dog whisperer."

I would like to thank Phil Bridges for installing two bathroom tile floors and a kitchen backsplash. Phil is very meticulous and pleasant and does beautiful work. He is the owner of Spectrum Home Repairs. I highly recommend his services.

If you are looking for someone to restore old photos, improve a damaged photo/document, transfer photos/documents to a DVD, and more, call Mike Burke at 757-256-7751. He has just completed a DVD documenting my father's 97 years of life. It is beautifully done, and I am proud of the results. He will work with you in your home to understand exactly what you want, help you make decisions about what to do with large collections, how to present them, etc. He can transfer large volumes of photos onto a disk so that you can work with them at your desktop. He is innovative and creative.

We are lucky to have so many good restaurant choices in our area. Here is one worth your attention, Istanbul on Jamestown Road at Ironbound, next to Jamestown Pie. We have dined there three times now and it gets better each time. We enjoy the charming, authentic service, linen table clothes and napkins, comfortable, handsome, well lit dining room offering well prepared, fresh food with a Turkish flare. Suggest the roasted chicken, lamb, beef and kebabs which come with rice and a terrific green salad. Had some beautiful lamb chops this past Friday night. Nice wine selection both by the glass and bottle. Very good value for money as prices are quite fair.

EEE Resource Center launders bulk items that are difficult to impossible to properly wash and dry at home. It is located on the north side of Route 5, at 4548-A John Tyler Highway, just east of the Five Forks shopping center—turn into the parking lot on Venture Lane. This non-profit center provides useful employment for adults with disabilities who offer fast, efficient and friendly service to area residents and businesses. EEE laundered two down comforters and a bedspread for us as we were preparing for holiday house guests, and I anticipate the center's help with spring cleaning. For more information, call 757-345-2299 or visit the EEE Resource Center website.

If you want to get your pocket watch repaired, take it to Boyer's Diamond Store. They have a contact man who comes in. He lives in Newport News and did a great job on one antique pocket watch that was left to me. They are located next to the New York Deli in Lightfoot off Richmond Road.

We recently needed plumbing work. Justen and Michael of BUD's Plumbing, Heating and A/C were prompt, professional and polite. They were efficient in explaining the problem, the solution and the cost – in advance. Also big ups to Angie in the central office. She set up same day work, sent an email when they were on the way and included a picture of the workmen! The last is an extremely professional and reduces the potential problem of the wrong folks getting into the house. I do not hesitate to recommend them.

Be sure to see the movie "Brooklyn." Although there is a romantic part of it that the movie reviewers push, this movie is really about the immigrant experience of a young woman making her way in the world, the older adults who helped her, and learning the wisdom of making choices. A must-see for all ages.


I would like to say it's no Academy awards nor global awards for the "magnificent seven" of the Republican debate team that's being shown. I'm wishing they would go to maybe a lottery pick or maybe just — anyway, have a blessed day.

Need light rail

Work is beginning on I-64 in Newport News. I hope there will be a light rail, right down the middle of this highway that goes from Virginia Beach to Richmond. A station in Williamsburg would allow then allow bus transportation directly to Colonial Williamsburg and Busch Gardens. We do not go to events or activities in Norfolk or Virginia Beach, because of the timing challenges of the tunnels. But a light rail could take us further east.

Roots of violence

Our 10 year old grandson had suggested a race-car and garage Lego kit for a Christmas gift. When I went shopping, I was appalled at the violent toys that are available for children. Do parents really purchase or let their children play with these? Where is the responsibility of parents making the choices? Also, one of the popular electronic toys is $400. Again, what responsible parent would spend that kind of money on electronic games that shoot and kill? Parents, YOU need to be the parent. No wonder we have such a violent society.

Good luck!

We will miss the delightful and unique little restaurant, Mad About Chocolate, and wish the owners the best in the newest chapter of their lives.

Empty business

We are still looking at the still-empty, supposed-to-be diagnostic center on North Henry. It passed Council as "a good transition." No one got it then; no one gets it now. How can a property owner hold onto an unneeded, unwanted business building for so many years? Does the city economic development person have any impact or is this just another empty business?

Preschool policies

To the parent complaining about the preschool recess policy: One would think that if you chose this preschool, you reviewed and understood their policies. Why should they change their way of doing things for you? You can easily find another preschool that fits your special request. We do not live in an area where the weather is so drastic that spending a little time outside year round will harm kids. Make sure your child has appropriate clothing on and trust the teacher's judgment when it comes to recess.

I am concerned about preschool children playing outside on bitter cold days. Every parent knows that three- and four-year-old children are not good at keeping themselves protected. It is okay for a healthy child to be outside in freezing weather under the supervision of parents who make sure that gloves and hats are worn, coats buttoned, etc., and the child is brought inside when needed. On the playground, teachers can't give that kind of personal attention.

About the candidates

Can the person who predicted Madame Secretary Clinton will be indicted enlighten us as to what federal criminal statute she will be indicted?

Remember you heard this in the Last Word. Ted Cruz is not a naturalized US citizen. His mom was not a service member but worked in Canada. Have a good day.

Remember you heard this in the Last Word. Hillary Clinton will be elected President, by a landslide. Have a nice day.

I carefully listened to the three Democratic candidates at the televised Sunday evening debate. It was obvious that among the three, the best choice for President of the U.S. would be Martin O'Malley. His experience, his thoughtful responses, his positive and can-do approach to problems are exactly what we need to help us through the coming years. He showed an ability to deal with both domestic and world problems. It is truly unfortunate that our media does not give unbiased reporting of all the candidates.

Looking for ...

New to Williamsburg. In anticipation of heavy snow, I am looking for help in plowing or shoveling my driveway. I am unable to handle this on my own due to health issues. No kids "for hire" in my neighborhood. Does anybody know of a company that doesn't charge an "arm and a leg" to do this? Please reply to the Last Word.

Once we have snow in the area, is there anyone who is interested in making some additional money shoveling my driveway? Anyone who lives in the Ford's Colony area? Please email me if you're interested.

In answer to an earlier question, The Stryker Building is a couple of blocks north of 209 N. Boundary.

At around 2:30 p.m. on Monday, 1/18, I accidentally hit the door of a silver Toyota Prius in the parking lot of the Sentara Urgent Care building in New Town. You were sitting in your vehicle at the time and I signaled to you that the door had not been damaged by my door hitting it, but realized as you pulled away that it had. I would like to take responsibility for the damage to your otherwise flawless car - I am so sorry; please forgive me! Please contact the James City County non-emergency line, where I have filed the report, for my contact information and I will make it right. (757) 566-0112. Thank you!

Dangers of News Road

As a person who does not have transportation of my own, I depend on things like walking, biking, and the bus to get to and from work and other errands. Unfortunately the WATA bus system does not run down Centerville Road from Longhill Road (towards Greenspring) or down News Road. Because of this, I must walk down News Road to catch the closest bus to my house (Target bus stop). Due to the various hours I work, I sometimes walk at night. There are no street lights and no sidewalks or even shoulders in some sections to walk on and even though they have lowered the speed limit to 45 from 55, people still fly down the road. . Is there anything the county or the bus system can do to make this situation better? I see lots of people walking or riding bikes up and down this road all the time. Is it going to take someone getting killed or injured seriously for this to be addressed? We need this more than we need a roundabout.

Cable TV

If as the caller in the Last Word claims, Verizon has stopped expanding its Fios service, then either they need to stop flooding the TV with ads or step up and admit that the offers are bogus.

Cox just took away another channel on basic cable today (Channel 97 pop) and I'm still paying the same price for basic TV cable and for internet. Several months ago they took away two other channels but my cable bill didn't go down. I'm so fed up with Cox service and taking away channels and raising their prices. What are my options?

More sculptures

I heard recently that the City of Williamsburg is thinking about placing sculptures in Merchant Square. Please do not touch our nice, charming Merchants Square. The bikes were not an asset; the sculptures on Richmond Road have not been an asset to the city. Please leave Merchants Square alone.

Power lines

Historic Charleston, SC, avoided several problems by using Texas slant well drillers to provide a tunnel under the river for their transmission line. Perhaps this can be done here. I have tried to bring this to the attention of several parties but cannot get to talk to anyone. The folks in Washington with a similar situation might want to do the same for their transmission line. Who can tell?

Smithfield sale

Smithfield's Ken Sullivan's laudatory remarks concerning CEO Larry Pope's retirement failed to mention that he (Mr. Pope) sold the company, an American icon, to the Chinese. For shame. There will be no more Smithfield products in my kitchen.

Price of oil

The writer who "had no recollection" of Bush being blamed for high gas prices must have a really short memory. Every three months when the quarterly profits for big oil were announced during his time in office, almost every person in the main stream media blamed Bush, saying that he was "in bed with Big Oil." I find it odd that the fascination with oil profits faded away when a Democrat became president.

Iran deal

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu could not have been proven so quickly and profoundly wrong in calling the Iranian nuclear agreement a "bad deal." The Iranians very quickly dismantled much of their nuclear infrastructure without one bullet being fired by anyone. That has to be a plus for world peace.

Trimming trees

What kind of people is the city of Williamsburg hiring to trim trees!? Apparently they know nothing about the health of the trees! They just cut most of my crape myrtle down that wasn't even near wires and was into my yard, and cut the main part of my redbud away (also not near wires) and left large, lopsided branches hanging into the road. The tree is so lopsided now it's ridiculous. I am so angry!

Dental care

To ask a dentist to do work without X-rays, is like asking your cab driver to wear a blindfold. There is a liability risk on the part of the dentist and a health risk for you. If the concern is radiation, today's modern digital equipment do not pose the same risk of exposure. The X-ray allows the dentist to make proper diagnosis by going beyond a visual inspection of your mouth. Please allow the dentist to give you the best treatment possible. It will help you to maintain your smile.

Find a phone number

Regarding telephoning the Antique store's "Tea Room" is just about impossible. We no longer get telephone books, so where do you look?

TV reception

To the person wanting to install a rooftop HD antenna: There may be a better option for you! We just purchased a MoHu Leaf 50 amplified indoor HDTV Antenna from Best Buy for $70, plugged it into our TV and now have great reception for many stations, including all local networks. It is flat like a piece of paper and just sits on top of our TV cabinet -- we don't even see it there. We could not get local stations here 10 years ago, but the new technology makes it possible to have free TV again!

National security

Once in a (great) while, the New York Times gets it right. In its Jan. 11 article about Obama's State of the Union message, NYT offers this definition of Obama's national security policy: "a certain number of relatively low-level terrorist attacks may be inevitable, and Americans may have to learn to adapt the way Israel has." So, a relatively small number of us will be killed here at home. Makes you feel safe, doesn't it.

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