Last Word on the Jefferson statue, Feb. 22

Jefferson statue

Whoever decided that a deliberate attack on the statue is called for is wrong. That statue reflects on one great American who made many significant contributions to this country. Using today's values against his have no place today. Hopefully, the party will be caught soon, publicly identified and, if a William and Mary student, expelled. Thank you.

Hidden disabilities

I totally understand the Feb. 15 hidden disability statement. People only see me out on Good days (capitalize Good). Some days, I can walk with little difficulty; others, I need a cane or a walker. And on bad days, I need a wheelchair and someone to push it. Some days, my right arm and hand don't work either. Also, don't forget the constant pain. You have to keep moving as best as you can. The only alternate is Williamsburg Memorial Park.

Michael Hipple

I want to resoundingly support the recent notes from folks concerning Michael Hipple. During a recent community forum at JCC Community Center, he was available and fully engaged with community members. Other JCC supervisors were present, but chose to remove themselves from the room and confer amongst themselves. It was noticed and remarked on. Interact with the community you are supposed to serve. Bravo to Mr. Hipple for caring about our community and making himself available to hear our concerns.

Girl Scout cookies

Where are the Girl Scouts selling cookies hiding this year? The last couple of years they've set up shop in front of different stores but I still found them, accidentally. Where are they this year? I need my cookie fix!


Just came from lunch at Tuscany Restaurant at Longhill and Olde Towne roads — what a treat it was! Currently, they are offering a $7.99 lunch special, which includes entree, salad and garlic knots. Their pasta sauce (red) is the best I've ever had and I lived in Italy for a year. Excellent atmosphere and service, too.

There is a wonderful new program between Sentara Hospital and Hospice House. The objective of the program is that no patient will die alone. The hospital notifies Hospice House when end of life seems near and a volunteer will remain with the patient day and night until the end. My family was so grateful that our mom had the Hospice House volunteers night and day with her until the end. God bless Sentara Hospital and Hospice House for doing this.

Just a tip for all the locals: The best wine tastings in town are at Giuseppe's. It's a very well-kept secret, because you can only find out about them if you get on their email list. This is a strong recommendation for the wine tasting at Giuseppe's, a real treasure for locals.

I am 68 years old and both of my feet suffer from ingrown toenails. The only nail tech I've ever used works a miracle each time I visit for a pedicure. I highly recommend Tammy at Nails Uptown. Best ever. Thank you.

We just went from old linoleum to new tile in our kitchen and highly recommend Phillip Spath at 757-349-3259. Thanks, Phil!

CW business

Defending recent CW layoffs in the Feb. 15 Last Word, an ill-informed reader suggested that CW is a business and needs to make a profit. Point of fact: CW is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit. Even nonprofits need to be run in a business-like manner, of course, but CW is in the same tax category as religious, educational, charitable, scientific or literary organizations, as well as those that test for public safety, foster national or international amateur sports competition and prevent cruelty to children or animals.

Power lines

There have been a lot of articles in the papers and in the Last Word about the proposed high-voltage line across the James River, mostly about the view. There is another point to be made about a potential disaster that could occur: Aircraft. There are two airports in the vicinity of the line's crossing. I have flown a good bit at both of these airports. Despite all of the warnings, FAA regulations and blinking red lights on top of the 300-foot towers, a catastrophic event could occur — low visibility, disorientation, confusion, a pilot with little experience (student pilots fly out of the Williamsburg airport). And, believe it or not, there will be someone that dares to fly under the lines. It could really happen.

Old TVs

The easiest way to get rid of an old TV is to go to the county office and get the coupons. At the convenience center, they are $4 each; $4 a coupon, you get five. It only costs you $4 at the landfill to turn in old TVs that you don't want any more. Thank you very much.

Parking problems

The P6 lot near Merchants Square needs attention. It has huge potholes, which fill with water. Worse than this, the pay machines and gates do not operate properly. Last week, the exit gate would not take my ticket, so today I trekked across mud to the kiosk and put in a $5 bill for a $3 charge only to get a printed slip saying "change shortage." When I called the number listed at the gate (not on that slip), I was told to take it to Franklin Street for a voucher. Come on, fix this central parking lot.

Adult behavior

To the person who does not think marijuana should be legalized: The government has no place telling adults what they can or cannot do so long as their behavior affects no one but themselves. If such behavior affects others, the government should step in. That is why it is legal to drink alcohol, but it is illegal to drive under the influence of alcohol. If a person makes bad choices, they alone should suffer the consequences.

Reduce crime

If you want to seriously reduce crime in this country, we need to have conservative judges and prosecutors who will put an end to the revolving door which is our current justice system. As an ex-police officer, I have seen firsthand what a joke our justice system has become; plea bargaining and "slap on the wrist" sentences are the norm. As far as stating that we should have no fear of refugees from known terrorist countries, that's just plain naive.

Messy county

I recently took Route 199 home. It was strewn with trash and garbage and had potholes. I then realized my own neighborhood is pothole lined and the roads leading to it are a mess. I guess the funding for beautification we heard about never materialized. I wonder if businesses realize that this is the case, so they stay away from an unkempt area. The trees and bushes directly affect lines of sight at most intersections and trash abounds, but no one in government is doing anything about it. I drive the streets of Williamsburg and York and see a much different picture; in James City we have blight. We have an abundance of vacancies in store fronts, trash and grass issues and a sorry look to things. I say stop building things: New Town is empty, Harris Teeter is empty and many other areas are vacant. Why? Maybe people go elsewhere, to a place that looks far better and where people actually smile.

W&M students

The conversion of the Days Inn property into a dorm is not the problem. The problem is the William and Mary students who cannot act in a civil, adult manner. I live on Richmond Road and have been here for almost 25 years, and each year the students become more abusive to the neighborhoods. I feel we are being bullied every weekend. They are certainly smart people, so they must know their noise, trash and drunken displays are not acceptable in any neighborhood. Please don't tell us we should have not moved here because the college was so close — for at least the first 20 years, noise was never an issue. There is always a lot of press about the students donating their time to causes. When are they going to take up the cause that would mean the most to Williamsburg residents, the chronic bullying of their neighbors?

My late parents lived on Matoaka Court from 1949 until 1996, when they had to move to Chambrel. The biggest factor which forced them out was unruly college students ringing their doorbell at 2 and 3 a.m., frolicking in their backyard, banging on their front door and just scaring the heck out of them. When the city police were called, they said they were sorry, but it was just drunk college kids looking for a party and had the wrong house — really?! Since 1996, several more older homeowners on the street have passed away and their homes have been rented to students. On a Sunday morning, when they're all home, just look at the solid lines of cars parked on each side of the street and driveways. Please don't add as many as 180 students to the area — hey, they'll live a lot closer to Food Lion so they can get beer easier!

Looking for ...

Where can I get documents shredded for free or at a reasonable price?

In response to the person looking for Italian wedding soup: We just had the best ever wedding soup at Carrot Tree. Try it.

In answer to the person looking for Italian wedding soup: Farm Fresh on John Tyler Highway sells it on their hot soup bar.

We have not encountered bed bugs, either at home, in hotels stateside or overseas. Years ago we discovered a product called "Steri-Fab." You can purchase the product directly from Steri-Fab, 1-800-359-4913, or 1-914-664-5877; This product kills bed bugs, lice, fleas, ticks, dust mites, bacteria, fungus, mold, mildew, viruses and deodorizes.

The only sure way to get rid of bedbugs is heat treatment. Don't settle for cheaper chemicals or a 30-day warranty. We used E&R Exterminating of Newport News — they guarantee for six months. Bed bugs can be traumatic; E&R was helpful and understanding and absolutely took care of the problem.

Health insurance

I just cannot understand why people think birth control, abortions, Viagra, etc., should be included in health care and be paid for me. They have nothing to do with being a healthy person. Pay for your own pleasures and indulgences.

Thank you

Many thanks to the wonderful police officers who work here in James City County and Williamsburg, who put their lives on the line for us, to help keep the community safe. And a special thanks to Officer Ernst of the James City County Police, who helped me out in a serious situation. And for the rest of the police officers, too, who immediately responded to our call: We're very grateful to have them here.

Thanks to my neighborhood for their patience with our huge chocolate Labrador puppy. No one has ever complained to us and everyone drives very carefully around us when we're walking. Half the people love him and help socialize him and half the people go the other way (he is huge). I try to clean up after him, but people have forgiven my trespasses if I couldn't find it in the dark, in the leaves ... I try my best. Thanks also to the wonderful Waller Mill Dog Park people and pets. Dog people are great.

Organic apples

Lately I've noticed the "organic" apples bought at grocery stores do not decompose naturally when cutting off slices of the apple. If they do rot, it's from the inside, where the inside turns brown (where the seeds are) but the outside of the fruit stays off white. When putting in the compost, they do not rot naturally. What is being done to the organic apples to cause this? This is not natural.

President Trump

It is a shame that the President feels he needs to comment on a major retailer dropping a failing clothing line, even if it is his daughter's. The conflict of interest in this case is so blatant that it smacks of violation of the rule of law and should be condemned by both sides of the aisle on Capitol Hill.

It seems to me that President Trump is bringing out the best in many of us. As he tries to demonize certain groups, the rest of us are rising to their defense. We still need to heal our anger and fear from the 9/11 attacks. I like the way we're now rallying around our Muslim citizens. The better we treat them, the less likely they are to become radicalized. The European countries that failed to assimilate these immigrants have fared the worst (France, for example). I really think Trump is energizing progressive thought here. Is he a blessing in disguise?

If you think Trump's Nordstrom comments were out of line, remember President Truman's 1950 letter to Washington Post's music critic Paul Hume's panning of daughter Margaret's recital. "Some day I hope to meet you. When that happens you'll need a new nose, a lot of beefsteak for black eyes and perhaps a supporter below!"

To the woman who said Trump is making American great again: I truly, without malice, want to know what you mean by that. I thought our country was great when presidents, of both parties, understood the Constitution. I thought it was great when Congress voted their conscience—not always along party lines. I thought it was great when we had the respect of our allies. Most importantly, it was great when we could voice dissent without being afraid, called crazy, or criminalized. This is what democracy is about. I do not see these things happening now.

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