Parrotheads, politics and parking: Last Word for March 12

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Looking for ...

Our Non-Profit 501(c)7 group, The Parrotheads of the Phininsula, is in search of a place where we can hold business meetings and social events. We are looking for local restaurants on the Peninsula where we can enjoy some great food and drink along with space for a group between 15-40 people. We love supporting local businesses as we plan for our volunteer opportunities, fund raisers, and fun social events. Please reply on here or contact

Does anyone know a local phone number for County Waste? I have been trying for days to let them know my trash was not picked up last week. This is very unusual. County Waste and the technicians who pick up my trash have always been professional and reliable. The number on my bill, 1-804-843-9288, is obviously out of service as evidenced by an odd busy signal. On 2/29, I left a message at the only number I could find on line 1-800 963 4776 (I think that's County Waste Recycling) and left a message, hoping they could help or direct me, but have not received a call back. I believe if a company does business in James City County, they should provide a reliable way to communicate with them. If anyone knows how I can do that, please publish that number in the Last Word.

Help! We need an expert to trim our twenty year old camellia bushes. 220-2822.

I am looking for someone to come donate a gently used or in good condition king-size or queen-size bed set, which would include the mattress, box spring, head board, foot board. Is it possible also for someone to donate gently used to good condition blankets, fitted sheets, sheets and pillows if possible for those bed sizes. I can be reached at 757-281-8900.

Library noise

I agree about too much noise in the Williamsburg Library. I observed an elder gentleman receiving a phone call and carrying on a conversation for several minutes in the area where people were reading. He should know better. Thank you.

Road rage

Hello. This is to the young man in the red car that almost rammed me coming from Walmart Saturday. Why were you in such a rage? Road rage, 'cause that's exactly what it was. I am a mother, a grandmother and I'm a great-grandmother. I have never seen the world in a mess that it's in today. They're raising hell in Washington, they're raising hell in your neighborhood, they're raising hell everywhere. It is hell, hell, hell, hell. What people are mad about, I cannot understand it. But don't take it out on me! And, I'm going to tell you, I'm a true believer. You will reap what you sow. Take my word for it. Think about it. Thank you.

Basketball parking

I cannot agree more with the previous comments concerning the lack of parking for William and Mary basketball. Why has the college allowed such a large part of the parking area to be taken over by construction trailers and other related equipment? This has truly been going on for years. It's like this "stuff" (put that in quotes) has taken roots and cannot be moved.

Presidential politics

I'm old enough to remember the presidential debates on national TV from the 1970's, run by the League of Women Voters. One was even held at Phi Beta Kappa Hall. They were fair, dignified, informative and respectful. The networks could use a lesson from the League. Ah, for the good old days.

The establishment is getting nervous that Donald Trump is storming toward the presidency. They are blind to the fact their unconcealed felonious actions rise to the level of treason in the eyes of average, hard-working Americans. The fabric of this country is being torn asunder by a contemptible class of corporate fascists, ego maniacal bankers, shadowy billionaires, and media titans. They have reaped billions of profits since 2009 as the Fed and politicians in D.C. rolled out "solutions" designed to enrich them. They are confident their failures will be shifted to the American people again. The American people may have a different opinion this time. Pitchforks and torches are being readied.

To the person inquiring about the names of candidates who had suspended their campaigns being on our ballots in the Virginia Primary: This had also concerned me, but Virginia cannot remove names from the ballot unless officially informed by the candidate. A verbal statement over media does not qualify. Most importantly, I, as an elections worker at Waller Mill precinct, was able to see what the impact was in Tuesday's balloting. With over 1100 total votes cast in our precinct, there were only 6 for the 8 such candidates on the Republican side and 3 to the 1 such candidate on the Democrat side. That is only 8/10ths of 1 percent of the ballots cast. The 37% of eligible voters who cast ballots in our precinct would appear to have been keeping up with the campaigning.

I have watched all of the debates for both parties. On March 3, I watched the last of the Republican debates. I am embarrassed to have such a special of the American political process be viewed by the world. I watched three spoiled rotten boys and one naïve man exhibit to the world how the crème of the crop does not come to the top. You would expect the next proposed presidential candidate to exhibit some form of presidential-like statue, restraint and at least some minute form of leadership, not dictatorship. It is so obvious that when confronted with a conflict, the temperament of these individuals results in their blood running to their heads, closing their eardrums and opening their mouths. There must be something better to hope for in this party.

I just watched the March 3 Republican debate and two things were made perfectly clear. Candidates want to cut federal taxes by cutting the size of the federal government. That sounds good until you consider the consequences. Candidates say they want to abolish the Department of Education and send those duties to the states where they feel it should be. That would mean huge tax increases for Virginia. I taught at a school where 80% of my students were from military families, most of whom were not Virginia residents. The school system received money from the federal government to help pay for the education of those students. Without those funds, Virginia residents would have to pick up the tab with additional taxes or charge tuition to those military families. Virginia would also not receive federal funds to help educate children with special needs, which is a major expense for school systems. Your federal taxes may go down, but your state taxes would skyrocket. As a retired teacher who loves Virginia, I would hate to have to move to another state.

This message is for anyone supporting the great white hope of politics. You should read the Doonesbury comic strip [of] Sunday, February 14. G.B. Trudeau paints what I think is a pretty accurate picture of one of the men running for the office of President of the United States. If you are part of mainstream America, he is not in your best interest. By the way, I am not a Democrat, and this information came, appropriately, from the comic page of newspaper.

I talked to a good friend of mine in California, and she said, "Do you know why the donors are so mad at Trump? They're furious here in California." I said, "No. You tell me. I have an idea, but you tell me." She said, "Because you can't buy influence. He won't take their money and he doesn't care what they think, and they're used to buying influence and they're furious." I said, "Exactly."

Dr. Ben Carson, who I have a great deal of respect for, very good man, has told his good friends that there is no path for him to the White House, but that he sees that front-runner Trump and the others ought to just drop out, too. Couldn't agree more.

Jim Gilmore exited the race to be the Republican nominee for president too soon. Gilmore had craftily climbed from 17th place all the way up to 7th place before he pulled the plug. If he had hung in there a few more weeks he could have cracked the top five.

I'm calling with reference to your cartoon of Trump as the witch and Christie. I find it objectionable. As American citizens, we are entitled to form our own opinion. Newspapers report the news. They are to keep up advised as to what is going on in our society. Whoever did this cartoon is just expressing their point of view, their opinion. I am getting tired of people—Mitt Romney, local senator, congressional delegates—telling us who we should vote for. The United States is a democracy, and each of us—natural born, naturalized—have the right to vote. We vote in secret. We do not need to be told how to vote. I found it objectionable.


During a recent Regional Bridge Tournament held in Williamsburg, I organized a dinner (which included many local people as well as "out-of-towners!") at the Aberdeen Barn restaurant. Because the evening session of the bridge tournament began at 7 p.m., it was imperative that the group be able to leave the restaurant by 6:30 p.m. I made a reservation for 5 p.m. for 50 people. However, I had 18 additional bridge players show up for dinner without advance notice. The staff of the Aberdeen Barn were incredible. In one hour and a half, they were able to prepare and serve dinner--a three-course meal (all individual orders from the menu!) to 64 people and have us all on our way by 6:30!! A most impressive feat, and the entire staff deserves the highest kudos for a delightful experience.

Thank you, Greater Williamsburg Chamber & Tourism Alliance, for awarding Heritage Humane Society the Outstanding Non-Profit of the Year. The award was given to HHS for "having achieved increased awareness, innovative fundraising, and creative, new events helping it to advance its mission and goals." Kudos to HHS executive director Kim Laska and her staff.

We would like to thank Blaze Pizza for their free pizza coupon attached to The Virginia Gazette. We came in and ordered one, and it was absolutely delicious. We will definitely keep coming back. Thank you for introducing us to your special pizzas. Thank you very much.

Construction barrels

In at least one other state, the orange barrels at Department of Transportation construction sites are not owned by the state, but leased on a per diem basis from a privately-owned company. This has led to charges that construction times might be lengthened unnecessarily to enrich a politically favored owner of the barrels. What is the situation here in Virginia? The orange barrels on Ironbound Road do seem to have lived in their present locations for quite a while!

Six months ago in the warmth of August, my wife bet me the lovely orange barrels would still be at the News Road Monticello intersection. "No," I laughed, "even VDOT won't take that long." What a fool I was. Love the uneven timing making eastbounders wait 90 seconds with no traffic in sight and westbound turn lanes that remain green forever with no one there. VDOT, you owe me. I had faith. What a fool!! BTW orange is the new "lazy."

Free to you

Free moving boxes with packing paper. No wardrobes. You pick up. Call (757) 229-3624 to arrange.

New stores?

Does anybody know what's coming to the Williamsburg Crossing Shopping Center where the Old Point Bank used to be? Thank you.

Overreaching speech

Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook, just met with Angela Merkel. They televised it on Deutch World. And he has agreed that will automatically remove anything off of Facebook in Germany that has to do with overreaching free speech. So, they've put up an example of what would be removed as hateful and inappropriate in the country of Germany. And a remark on Facebook was "Refugees are not welcome" and they showed it being deleted. I thought, "Whoa. Can't say something that simple?"

Eye for an eye

I have observed that Williamsburg has too many people that call themselves a Christian but still believe in an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth. Jesus taught his followers to make peace and not to make war. Real Christians help each other and do not judge each other, do God's will and not their own will.

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