Last Word on WJCC schools, May 17

W-JCC issues

I see lots of data and reference to the word "capacity" in the JCC comments related to area middle schools and others. Can someone define exactly what that means? I am in the schools all the time and see many empty classrooms during class cycles, etc., and do not understand how capacity is calculated and compared. Maybe someone could also explain the advisory and resource sessions that have no grades. They seem to be somewhat a waste of focus.

It is well-known that world language classes are not a priority in the W-JCC district; in fact, they are labeled as elective courses. As a parent of three children in the district, it is disheartening to learn about the changes coming for the next school year for world language classes. Classes will meet every other day instead of daily, and my children's world language teachers will also teach a career readiness class. Are they even making sure that those who teach our children are certified in the subject? Does it even matter? It is time we ask questions and get answers. The lack of effort and relevance needs to stop. It is time to take action and demand what is right for our students.

Whoever is in charge of scheduling the Jamestown High School prom, please do not schedule the prom in April again. The weather is way too unpredictable in April in terms of temperature and rain. Clearly, the venue should be scheduled early enough so that the prom can be held in May, when the weather is far more likely to be warm and clear. April showers bring May flowers, not good prom nights.

We are Toano parents and, after talking to parents about the amount of homework these past weeks — the SOL packet has taken many hours to do. Many parents have commented that these have been extreme projects, and we have had to cancel activities because of it. We should let the teachers know in the future these packets need to be stretched out, starting in January, instead of cramming them in the last three weeks of school, which has put tons of stress on children who have not been able to do activities and have family time. We need to let teachers know that this is unacceptable. Thanks so much to all the teachers for all the hard work, but we need some help here.

Road worries

Big mistake placing flashing yellow arrows on Monticello. There are too many drivers running them when cars are coming. There are always oncoming cars there. Tired of having to slam on the brakes when I have the right of way. The lights at News Road and Monticello Shoppes are not synced properly, and we constantly back up into the News Road intersection. Two accidents in four days on Route 5 at Greensprings Plantation with flashing yellow lights. Get rid of them before someone gets killed.

I would like to know why the Williamsburg Police and the James City County Police cannot seem to stop the speeding on Richmond Road. It's out of control.

Church sign

Regarding the church sign that says "Black Lives Matter." Would you be more accepting if it said "Black Lives Matter Too"? The painful truth is that I'm not sure we pay as much attention when a black person is killed as when a white person is killed.

Pharmacy closing

I am saddened to hear that Martin's Food pharmacy is closing. I have been very pleased with Martin's Food and its employees for several years. Noelle, Lehman, Jessica and the entire pharmacy staff have been very professional and pleasant to work with. I had hoped there would have been a better conclusion for the entire Martin's staff. My best wishes to them.

Well done

Warhill High School's recent production of "Little Shop of Horrors" was absolutely incredible! The amazing choreography, paired with the strong vocals of the leads and ensemble members, made this show more professional than your average high school production. The complex set, complete with a massive human-eating plant, was impressive. A huge congratulations to the cast, crew and director of Lions Roar Theatre Company.

Legacy of excellence

John Showah, the owner of Johnstown Jewelers, passed away April 27. He was a warm and loving man who was devoted to his family and supported our community with generous contributions to local charities. John's wife, Moona, and daughter, Randa, are keeping the store open. They would love to see those who knew John as a man of integrity and candor, who enjoyed his holiday parties, who prized his artistry and own something beautiful that he created. Stop by Johnstown Jewelers, offer a kind word, a memory and help carry on John's legacy of excellence.

Lasting impression

While having a birthday celebration for our teen, the subject of favorite teachers was broached. Six of the eight had attended St. Stephen Preschool together and remain friends. They started talking about favorite memories, and two teachers were mentioned repeatedly: Mrs. McDonald and Mrs. Brantly. Those teachers made a lasting impression on preschoolers who speak fondly of them today. Thank you for the impact you had on these former students.

Looking for ...

Outside of taxi services and Uber, are there any sort of transportation services in Williamsburg? I have elderly parents that would like to go out to dinner four or five times a week. I guess I was wondering if there were any sort of contract drivers who perform this type of service. Any help will be appreciated. Many thanks.

Can anyone tell us where dental hygienist Shea is working now? She was at Dr. Contract's office but has moved on.

I've acquired a paper cutter, and the blades are dull. Where can I go to get it sharpened?

Lost: Hearing aids in a snack size baggie at the York County utilities billing building, or possibly in the parking lot in front of the building. If found, please call 757-876-3396. Thank you.

To the person who was inquiring about kitchen cabinets: I haven't heard from you. I wanted to let you know the cabinets are brand new, maple, white with black nickel handles, in very good condition. They have never been used. Please call the Last Word with your name or your number so that I can follow up on it. Thank you.

Does anyone know if any of the local massage schools offer discounts to clients? Does anyone have a number or name of the school to contact? I saw several listed, but it was signing up for classes. I am just interested in getting some massages. Thanks.

Janet Neal, formerly of the Hair Cuttery, is working at Cindy's Classic Cuts in Norge.

We are thinking about a TV antenna as an option to Cox but live in a wooded area off Route 5 between the Fire Station and Five Forks. Would love to hear from others who have experience in this about reception in wooded areas.

Serving advice

Would you like to be an excellent waiter in a restaurant, making large tips? If so, always treat each customer with respect and dignity. Always be kind and considerate. Always serve them what they ordered so they can enjoy their meal. You will be in great demand because you will know how to make each customer happy.

You'll be missed

I was so sorry to read in the Daily Press that the owners of Hang It Up Frame Shop in York County would be retiring soon, and my favorite framers would no longer be available to me. When Jimmy framed my paintings, he always brought them to life with his amazing skill of design and choice of the perfect framing pieces. He and his wife, Flossie, were always so warm and personable. It was definitely worth the trip from Williamsburg to bring my pictures to them. Flossie and Jimmy Kaligos will surely be missed!

Community photos

Just wanted to compliment the Gazette for a recent issue in which many local organizations were featured in many colored photos. News stories and photos of citizen involvement in hundreds of societies and clubs that promote the community and devote thousands of volunteer hours are the hallmark of newspapers across the nation. Keep up the good work.

Free to you

Free 27-inch Magnavox TV. Analog/box style (1995).

Liberty Baptist Church at York River has 15 swimming, eight track, two first-place and two generic trophies to give away. The plates can be changed and used again. If anyone would like to have them, call the church at 757-566-3030 between 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Monday-Thursday.

Free moving boxes. Call 741-2152. Thank you.

Skinking around

The reader who asked about critters around the house similar to salamanders probably was seeing skinks. They have a long tail and four legs. There are two common types here, and the reddish type may get to be as much as 9 inches long. There is another, very similar critter called a racerunner, which also lives in this area, but they are not so commonly seen around human abodes.

They are called skinks. All different sizes and colors. The females lay eggs between May and July. Not venomous. They eat flies, crickets, grasshoppers, etc. I saw a black rat snake eat a skink once.

Sanctuary cities

I am so proud of Texas Gov. Greg Abbott. He's about to sign a bill into law that will outlaw sanctuary cities in the state of Texas. We should do the same thing in Virginia. This bill would impose costly fines and jail time on officials who refuse to cooperate with U.S. immigration agents.

Health insurance

Trump met with the Australian prime minister on May 4. He congratulated Mr. Turnbull for Australia having a better health care system than ours. Yet earlier in the day, Trump was bragging about the very much inferior program just approved by the House. So, it's OK with Trump for Australia's to be better than ours? Is this how we "Make America Great Again?"

We received a notice from our long-term care insurance company that our premiums are being raised by 44.96 percent. We are retired and can't afford it. Has anyone else experienced this problem? If so, what were you able to do about it, please?


To the person looking for someone to do yardwork: I use Cupp Cuts. Tyler Cupp does my yard every other week (cuts lawn, weed eats, blows the porches, sidewalks, etc.) all for a very reasonable price. I've found Tyler to be a dependable and respectful young man. He is always here when he says he will be and he is always willing to help with things I can't do on my own. Tyler can be reached at 757-784-3627.

To the person inquiring about dependable, affordable and meticulous lawn care with trim work, please contact Brandon Corey 757-869-0966 of Corey Landscaping. Keep soaring high!

I would like to compliment Dr. Potter and Dr. Cummings of the TPMG group. They are knowledgeable, thorough, personable, and I left the office with the feeling that each really cared about me. I couldn't ask for more.


Now you might understand the importance of electing and appointing conservative judges. The sentences handed down by liberal judges just make me sick. Where is the justice for the victims? Maybe if the victims were related to these liberal judges, they might understand the reason for just punishment.

President Trump

I'm a Virginia resident, and I continue to read and hear about President Trump. Now, when President Obama was in office, he couldn't do so many things because Congress kept his hands tied. But it seems like Trump is doing what he wants to do when he wants to do it. He hasn't shown us his tax papers. Congress is letting him go and not reeling him in like they did Obama. It seems like he makes his rules up as he goes along. He canned the FBI chief. The man had to hear it on the television news. I mean, come on, America. We really need to get with it.

It is obvious that people are lying when they write in and start off by stating they're not a Democrat, then go on to complain about President Trump. Do they really believe that Republicans can't see through their lies?

Tossed books

Regarding tossed books: Please donate them to the thrift stores. Paperbacks are so expensive now that I only buy used. I then share them with friends or donate them back to the thrift stores. Thanks.

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