Last Word on tree trimming, April 6

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A high school swimmer weighs in on the consequences of those early practices.

Phone security

The Federal Government announced it was dropping its court suit against Apple because they had broken into the San Bernardino terrorists' I-phone on their own. That is bad news for the bad guys, but the vast majority of us who use I-phones and are not doing anything wrong have nothing to worry about.

Crape myrtles

Please do not hack up your crape myrtle no matter the variety or size. These beautiful ornamental trees are not meant to be severely pruned as is popular here in Williamsburg. This injures the tree and compromises its hardiness, according to,, even the United States National Arboretum. This violent disregard for healthy, correct pruning is unsightly and unnecessary. A "that's the way we've always done it" response is ignorant. Shame on store fronts, neighborhoods and cemeteries that allow it.

Presidential politics

Can anyone seriously believe John Kerry's statement that Obama's decision to continue with his trip was the right thing to do? First of all, it wasn't the decision to continue with his trip that the American people and the rest of the world objected to, it was going to a baseball game and doing the tango while the world burns. Well, at least you can say Obama really knows how to pick them (Secretary of State), first Hillary Clinton, then John Kerry.

Trump has stated that NATO is no longer effective and very expensive, I have to agree. The very countries that NATO was designed to protect are now the target of ISIS. I say send them to go and fight them.

President Obama just got back from Cuba and Venezuela. He doesn't want to talk about the 147 terrorist attacks around the world in the last 30 days. He doesn't want to say it's good that America has free and open elections, but he wants to lecture us about how embarrassed he was. What, embarrassed in Cuba? About American elections? That's laughable. Embarrassed in Venezuela, with all their problems? That's laughable.

Swim practice

I am a high school swimmer, and I have noticed my teammates falling asleep in classes after early morning swim practices, myself included. I think that academics should take priority over swimming—after all, the student comes first in student-athlete. While I enjoy socializing with friends and being part of a team, it sure comes at a high cost.

Stryker building

To help tone down the Stryker building and help it blend somewhat with the surrounding buildings: Cover all white surfaces with a faux finish or some type of siding that would complement the brick or paint all white surfaces with color(S) from the brick of the building; spray paint an even surface or paint in horizontal and/or vertical strokes/patterns that would complement the existing bricks.

Looking for ...

If you lost a large-stone purple earring in Regal Cinema, I found it in the lobby on a recent Saturday. Just call the lost and found at Regal Cinema—they have it there. I turned it in. Thank you.

Lost: silver cuff bracelet in the vicinity of Farm Fresh on John Tyler Highway. The underside is engraved with the word "Helen" and also this date: 12-25-2006. Very sentimental. If found, please call 757-310-4849. Small reward offered.

Does anybody know of a charitable organization that would take hundreds of used golf balls for their charity work?

Can anyone recommend a truly caring veterinary practice in the Toano/Lightfoot/Croaker-Upper James City area that isn't run like an animal factory? I am a responsible dog/cat owner that is looking for a vet who loves animals as much as I do. So far, I have been unsuccessful in finding competent vets in the area.

School issues

I'm calling in agreement with the person who wrote that Dr. Constantino's resignation should be asked for immediately, and I would also like to add that Jim Kelly's resignation should also be asked for immediately. It took only one minute of watching them in a school board meeting (their sighs, eye rolling, obvious disinterest in anything related to Lafayette High School) to see that these two will never provide the equity that the Lafayette High School staff, administration and especially students, deserve.

Doesn't anybody remember the gross failure of an "open floor plan" in a school that caused all kinds of climate and noise problems when Lafayette opened in 1973? Geez, they spent months adding doors and moving panels. I can't believe this would happen again.

Free to you

There is a free soldering and electronics class on every Saturday at 10am for ages 8 to 80 at Radio Shack (now Gizmos) on Monticello Avenue across from Target. Come out and have fun learning about electronics and programming. Call Steve for more information at 258-0910.

I have for free an Epson ink cartridge 220 XL. I bought it by mistake and don't want to throw it away. If you can use it, leave your phone number on the Last Word and I will call you and mail it to you.

Grammar police

To the person who thought it appropriate to laugh when I expressed my concerns about the punctuation error in the sign for a pizza restaurant, I am sure that your response produced even more laughter. It has everything to do with taking God out of our schools. There's a reason that the Bible was written in English. It is literally the Word of God! Misusing His language is an affront to the Almighty. I am sure that you are too busy living off the hard work of others (Obamacare) and laughing at things you don't understand to take the time to read His Word.

Hummingbirds return

To the person asking about hummingbirds returning to our area, a good time to put out feeders is mid-April, usually when the scouts begin returning. Due to the mild winter, reports of ruby-throated hummingbirds have already been sighted in Virginia on, so getting your feeders out now is a great idea. Remember to clean feeders and change nectar every 4-5 days, and use natural sugar, no artificial sweeteners, with a ratio of four parts water to one part sugar. Happy Birding!

Thank you

On March 15, our local Dairy Queen participated in Free Cone Day. I want to say thank you to all the employees who were on hand that day to serve those who came by for a cold, frosty treat! Your smiles and courtesy were an additional treat to the free cone we received.

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