Last Word on an exceptional idea, June 21

Exceptional idea

I have a comment about the article in The Virginia Gazette about the Exceptional Games. I'm calling to commend Donnell Brown for an awesome idea, and I hope that what they end up doing when they sit down with some of the plans for next year is that they promote it to the community and maybe just have a donation entry fee for the community, and I think they'll be pleasantly surprised at how much they collect, to be split among all the special needs programs. And this will absolutely grow in size because it is an awesome idea. And the picture and the joy of those students participating is incredible. This is an awesome idea, and I'm glad to see it. And they are exceptional, and I'm glad they're being exceptional. Good job! Kudos to all involved.

Look no further

I hope the presidential search committee for the College of William and Mary seriously considers James Comey as a candidate in their deliberations. He is a W&M graduate and has had a long and distinguished career in government and industry.

City taxes

Regarding higher taxes, how much revenue would be generated by increasing the city of Williamsburg real estate tax from 57 to 67 cents? Why is City Council compelled to levy additional taxes on visitors to our area and local restaurants and not increase the real estate taxes on city residents who are directly benefiting from tourism? The way this is being fast-tracked, it makes one wonder if there is someone on City Council or someone influencing it already who has plans for the new tourism development fund. I'd also like to know what constitutes a "generational investment" in the city.

Affordable housing

Google "Forest Glen" and you get many real estate ads. That is what you need to keep in mind when the JCC Board of Supervisors vote to eradicate this working class neighborhood to install a more genteel version of affordable housing that is not affordable for the majority of the people who live on Centerville Road and for most of the hospitality workers employed in JCC. Williamsburg is trying the same thing by proposing a "culinary district" along Capitol Landing Road, which is sure to engulf the working-class neighborhoods in York County on the eastern edge. What is in the minds of these people that they cannot see housing for workers that produce services that power the tourism economy is essential?

Dominion power

In reference to Wednesday's Gazette, the headline says "Corps gives nod to Dominion power lines." So, based on the recent presidential election, are we now going to expect all the people that went to all these meetings whining about not having Dominion power lines, are they going to get out in street now and start protesting, "It's not my power company?"

D.C. shooting

I know Democrats are going to want to frame this shooting against these Republicans as gun control versus moral issues. This is about the soul of men; this is not about gun control. There is a man or a woman that is behind every weapon, and it is about their moral soul and what they decide to do.

Keep listening

"The working class aren't being listened to." Sound familiar? This is a quote from a victim of the London high-rise fire. "This area's always been working class. It's starting to become a bit less so now, and the working class are feeling that they're being left without a voice. The council isn't listening to us. We don't want a pretty building." Sound familiar? It should as the Williamsburg/JCC political coalition extends its agenda of gentrifying the whole Williamsburg/JCC/Yorktown area. "A desire for profits is encroaching on the lives of working-class locals. Properties are being built in this area that aren't being bought by people in the local community."

Kudos Kimball

As a hearing-impaired movie lover, it is wonderful to read the Kimball will have caption devices this year. I do wear hearing aids and it is a frustrating shock to find in recent years that louder doesn't provide clarity of dialogue. Captions are needed for many of us. Thank you to Colonial Williamsburg for moving ahead with new devices. And I promise to attend even more movies.

Tax removed

The Senate and the House are considering interesting bills, both titled "The Hearing Protection Act of 2017." This little gift to the NRA makes it legal to purchase silencers for your guns without paying a $200 fee and registering your device. Should this become law, the next Dylan Roof will not damage his hearing by shooting in a closed room. Among the more than 100 co-sponsors is Rep. Rob Wittman.

Neighborly town

On June 8, my neighbors, my husband and I had a wonderful evening at A Chef's Kitchen. We returned to the car to discover we had locked the keys in the car. We want to thank the wonderful couple who drove us home to Colonial Heritage — way out of their way. Confirmation that the 'Burg is a great place to feather your nest.

Looking for ...

I am looking for someone who will repair a grandfather clock. Please leave the name and contact information in the Last Word. Thank you.

The produce stand in Williamsburg Shopping Center has relocated. They are on Richmond Road near Airport Road, in the parking lot next to the Pancake House.

I'm looking for a reading recovery teacher to tutor a 9 year old this summer. Please call 566-8055. Thank you.

Health Care

Think of it this way: If we were under a President Clinton or Sanders right now, we would likely be under socialized health care in which hard-working taxpayers would foot the bill for others. That's the socialist ideal. Nowhere does it state in our Constitution or Bill of Rights that taxpayers shall pay for other people's health care. Entitlement programs are designed to be a safety net, not a hammock for those who just don't feel a need to support themselves.

What is the problem with health care? Cashiers, maids, landscapers, janitors, drivers and other occupations that enable the lifestyle of the gentry of America don't deserve to live? Is the health insurance industry more important than the lives of those who grease the gears of commerce that generate the income of the gentry? Health insurance companies are not in business to pay for health care. They are financial institutions in business to take your payments, invest them so that the profit will cover the cost of your health care plus provide a dividend for their investors. The emphasis is on profit for investors, not on health care for the premium payers. Until we purge the system of the for-profit model, health care will only be available to the gentry, despite the fact that the servants have insurance they cannot afford to use.

Time to shop?

To the person who complained about shoppers coming into a store too close to closing time and using their cellphones at the register: Thanks for the reminder that I should shop online as much as possible. I wouldn't want to inconvenience you.

Free to you

Trampoline to a good home. It is in good condition and it disassembles and fits in car, van, etc. Call 1-757-645-5264. First caller gets it.

I have a hospital bed available at no cost. Phone number is 220-2377. Thank you.

McAuliffe and guns

Virginia's governor used last week's shooting to attack gun ownership. Of course, he doesn't need to own a gun because he has a security detail to protect him. Imagine how helpless the senators felt because they had no weapons readily available.

Leave up to our disgraceful governor to state they we need stricter gun control in the wake of the recent Alexandria shootings. What McAuliffe should have done was to condemn his fellow Democrats for creating the level of hostility that exists today. Once again, gun control won't work; criminal control is what is needed.

Internet speed

To the person complaining about slow internet speed: If you are using Verizon DSL, they only offer 2.8 mbps for all of Williamsburg/James City County. Might want to check your bill and make sure you are not paying a premium for higher speed.


Mr. Clark, the Williamsburg Indivisible Group is not "nonpartisan" and does not "support truthful discussions on important issues," as per your letter to the editor. The introduction to the Indivisible Guide states, "We must stand indivisibly opposed to Trump and the members of Congress who would do his bidding." The Indivisible Guide provides detailed tactics to bully and shut down free speech. Readers, the Indivisible Guide is on the internet. Read it and decide for yourselves.

Bankruptcy laws

Will someone with knowledge of bankruptcy laws please explain where there is fairness when the courts allow the borrower to walk away from his debts by paying nothing to the lender and leaving the lender out thousands of dollars of their hard earned money? I was raised with the ethic that a man paid his debts no matter what and that relying on bankruptcy court to avoid one's obligations made you lower than a robber, who at least had the courage to look his victim in the eye when he stole from him.

Road worries

VDOT, your idea of letting people turn left on flashing yellow is not working. Yet again, a vehicle has shot across the road in front of us, across four lanes, while we had a green light and were traveling a little under the 45 mph limit in the area. Apparently, people have a very poor judgment of distance, combined with the daredevil mentality, or have misinterpreted the sign to say "turn left on flashing yellow." In any case, I feel that going through intersections on Monticello and Route 60 by Kingsmill was dangerous enough. Please reevaluate this.

Well, I guess Williamsburg Area Transit buses don't have to stop for lights on Richmond Road, because I just left Skipwith Farms and as my light turned green, the back end of the bus was going through the light in front of Wendy's.

Thank you

Recently, I went in Plum Pudding to see if I could consign some items. They purchase from estates only, but did take the time to give me many detailed suggestions about selling unique, pricey pieces. Thanks.

To all the folks that have been in and out my door, thank you! My 85th classic birthday celebration at the Muscarelle Museum of Art was an exciting blast of appreciation. I have attended many lectures at the museum but never expected to be the featured presentation. Deep within the ridges of my cerebrum, I shall keep this experience.

As with so many people, our Memorial Day weekend lasted well into June. Thanks to Paws & Claws Pet Sitting Service for providing such outstanding care for our two dogs and cat. We couldn't have asked for more.

Up in Washington

Maybe now that several congressmen have been involved in an ambush style shooting in Alexandria, Va., Congress will grow some courage and stand up to the NRA and do something about the gun carnage, which occurs daily in this country.

I don't understand why conservative Republicans continue to stand behind President Trump. To advance their agenda, they would be better served with a President Pence, who shares the same beliefs and values that they have.

Questions for all Democrats. Help me, please. Is James Comey friend or foe? I can't figure it out. One minute, he's lost the election for Clinton. Next minute, he's carrying the flag against Trump. Not sure I know where the dibs are on this. Please speak up. Help me out! Thank you.

Trump's proposals to back off from Cuba do not sound good. It just leaves a gap for Russia to squeeze in. Trump's strategic thinking leaves something to be desired.

Jeff Sessions on Capitol Hill performed a perfect parody of Sergeant Schultz from Hogan's Heroes, just shy of saying in a German accent, "I know nothing."

When the president asked fired FBI Director Comey if he was under investigation, the answer then may have been truthfully no. Time marches forward and apparently the situation has changed and the answer now is yes.

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