Last Word on scams, Aug. 2


We all need to write to the president and voice our opinion against phone companies allowing a scam feature on their phones. What is its purpose? It only creates a lot of crime. Someone got my debit/credit card and ordered food at a restaurant and my bank turned the card off. I was stranded somewhere because I couldn't get my own money at night. It is a cruel thing to do to someone. Most places check the actual card and a photo ID before accepting a payment. Who cares about the expensive phone order or email? It's just causing too many problems. It's hard on the banks, also.

On July 21 we received a call from a timeshare, 757-564-XXXX. We normally don't answer calls unless we can positively identify the caller. I answered this call because the caller ID was "spoofed" as being from York County government. The caller started talking about winning a trip, etc., and wouldn't stop for me to say "We are not interested." I just hung up. We receive many calls with the names and locations "spoofed" from locations all over the U.S. This is in attempt to get us to answer. We almost never answer. But is using York County government as their ID legal?

Three cheers!

I think cheers should be given to the York County Police Department for handling the incident over on Second Street so well. So many times, you hear about the police shooting everybody and killing half the people, and this time the use of tear gas and so forth, I think was an excellent choice, and I'm proud that they went that way. Thank you.

Road worries

I don't understand why VDOT posted the speed limit on Interstate 64 construction as 55 miles an hour because state police don't enforce it. I'm traveling through it westbound right now and everybody on the road is passing me at 65 miles an hour or faster.

Safety concerns

I went with friends to a very popular local brewery and two dogs started to fight next to our table. I don't understand the point of bringing a dog to a beer place and why aren't there rules to prohibit it? Not only this is safety concern to customers, including children, but it is a health matter when dogs need to relieve themselves in very hot weather.

Thank you

I would like to thank the kind gentleman named "Mike" who stopped to assist me with changing a flat tire on Route 199 East on the morning of July 24. I had my kids with me, was late to a swim lesson and started to panic. Just then, Mike appeared and calmly helped me finish the job. I barely got to say thank you and ask for his name before he jumped back in his car and was gone. So grateful there are still kind people out there who are willing to stop and help a stranger. We were blessed that morning.

I just want to send another thank you to Sentara Hospital in Williamsburg. I was re-admitted this time to 3 South, and it was a wonderful place to be. I was very sick and I was so taken care of. I really appreciate all the nurses on that floor. Thank you.

Kimball Theatre

I am happy the Kimball Theatre will be running again, but I am concerned. Can anyone confirm that it will play movies again for the community, apart from the William and Mary Film Festival? We were hoping CultureFix would have acquired the theatre, as they are a community organization providing entertainment for all. I hope William and Mary will provide a balance between their own needs and the community's.

Colonial Williamsburg

Do Colonial Williamsburg's donors realize that for the past 20 years they've been putting their money into a black hole of hospitality deficits? The Inn, Lodge, Woodlands, golf courses and taverns have accounted for $200 million in operating losses and $300 million in debt. The best thing to come out of this will be masters and PhD theses for those reviewing decades of mismanagement.

I am surprised that we don't hear more talk about the National Park Service taking over Colonial Williamsburg. I think they would do a great job and we could stop worrying if they are going to be able to continue. The situation with the CW hotels and their retail operations is going to become very complicated as the incoming "contractors" take over, and the visitors are the ones who will suffer for it. That is never good for anybody.

Heads up

If you are planning to have your driveway replaced or parts of it repaired, before you sign any contract make sure you see some of their work. Unfortunately, we did not ask and our driveway looks awful.

Looking for ...

Does anyone know how I might recycle old copies of National Geographic magazine? I have copies dating back to the 1970s. Schools, libraries, nursing homes?

I have started foreign coin collections for two grandchildren. A coin from as many countries as possible. I already have two coins from each of six countries (UK, Mexico, Canada, France, Japan and Panama). I only need two per country, sized at a 25-cent piece or larger. I have holders and binder for the coins. They will research the country and write a report. Sort of a history and geography lesson. Email to

Someone asked about the Envoy of Williamsburg as a nursing home. My mother has been a resident there for more than a year and I would give the center a high recommendation. Although the facility is old, it is kept clean and tidy. The staff is friendly, caring and professional. The activity director has a daily schedule of offerings for anyone who wishes to participate. The food looks appetizing and the staff endeavors to make sure the residents eat their meals, often offering to get a sandwich or something extra if they do not want what is offered. Staff greets each resident as they pass them in the halls and often a pat on the hand or arm is given. I am happy we chose the Envoy for my mom, and I believe she is quite content there with residents she now considers good friends.

Does anyone know where the sushi chefs who were at Martin's are working? Their sushi was consistently good.

Does anyone know who in the area repairs an older Xerox copy machine for a reasonable price? The rollers aren't letting the copy paper go completely through the machine and the rollers screech as they are trying. Copy machine is Xerox XC 1040. Please respond.

Just wondering where the produce stand at the old Food Lion parking lot went. I think he is still on Route 60. Somebody responded that he was found, but found where? I need an address, not just that he was found. Thank you.

Does anyone in the Williamsburg area sell either Friendship Cottage Cheese or Temptee Cream Cheese?

Messy geese

There's a huge flock of geese around Riverside Doctor's Hospital's pond. They used to confine themselves to the pond and the empty field abutting Route 60. Lately, they have been crossing the street onto the sidewalk and part of the parking lot. There are so many goose droppings in these areas. I don't think this is good, because people can step in the droppings and carry the matter on their shoes into the hospital.

Pick up, please

Is there anything that can be done to make the owners of a property on News Road near the Centerville intersection remove the mountain of trash that has been accumulating there for some time? Does James City County have any ordinances about dumping trash or are they just choosing to not enforce them?

Jail labor

In response to the person who wants more prisoners working outside the jail: The regional jail has a responsibility to protect the community. Only one in 10 qualify to work outside, even on road crews, and have to be vetted. It is a privilege, not an additional punishment, and workers are paid $2.


We would like to publicly compliment "We Fix Computers by Khalid" for his excellent work and to recommend him to anyone with computer issues. Recently, we suffered a power surge, which destroyed our computer's hard drive. Khalid immediately assessed the extent of the problem and explained his recommended plan to fix the computer and restore the data. He worked through the July 4th holiday and returned our computer with data restored to where it was before the surge.

I love Paws & Claws Pet Sitting Service. I always enjoy my vacations more because I know my critters are getting more than food, water and a walk. They are getting love, fun and engagement; the sitter always goes above and beyond. She even waters my outdoor plants on the deck so they survive this hot and dry weather. Everyone is happy. Paws & Claws is a bargain!

To the two people who asked for help with fixing a scooter and to sharpen garden tools: I highly recommend Jimmy at Capital Small Engine Shop on Ironbound Road. Jimmy is very talented, honest and reasonable. He will get the job done in a timely manner. The number is 757-903-2518.

We recently had some pretty major concrete and masonry work done on our house in Chickahominy Haven. New concrete slab and walkway in front and back of house, new brick columns supporting our second floor covered porch, new concrete footings and more. Definitely wanted to take a minute to recommend Eugene Morrison and his crew to take care of any similar work you might be looking to have completed. He is experienced, thorough and reasonably priced. 757-897-8970 or

Hey, golf lovers — or not! You've got to check out the newest food and golf place that just opened in town, Revolution Golf and Grille on High Street. Amazing interactive golf games and good food. You can play virtual golf on 32 of the best courses in the world and drink from a fully selective bar with local beers and more. The food is casual but tasty, thanks to chef Ash's creative menu. A nice and unique addition to the 'Burg.

We have a sterling realtor in our gated community. Helen is a professional, she has integrity and a commitment to her profession. In addition, she is willing to do whatever is needed to list or sell a home. Presently, she is helping my friend walk through the process of moving into a retirement community. If you want the best, call Helen, 757-810-8787.

I am thrilled to have Shari Menke of Shari's Personal Touch Cleaning come to my home every other week to clean. But she does more than just clean: She also takes care of my pets as if they were her own. She does odd jobs that I need help with. Being on my own and elderly, Shari has been blessing to have even if for the times when I need that person to talk to. Shari is very trustworthy, dependable and reasonably priced. Please give her a call today at 757-876-3713.

We just bought a car from Charles Barker Lexus dealership in Newport News. Car buying is not an easy process. Our salesman, Patrick (Frenchie) was extremely helpful with regard to his knowledge of the car and the technology applications needed. By the time we left the dealership, we were very comfortable with our purchase and felt that we could go back and see him anytime with questions.

I had an emergency in my house in the evening and I don't have anyone to go to or call, but I had to take care of it. I called Home Depot, and a young man by the name of Bryan advised me and helped me so I could take care of the problem. Thank you.

Noisy night

Does anyone know why we hear the sound of an air horn in Fairfax Woods almost nightly?

Up in Washington

Twice the Republicans have failed to repeal Obamacare. What does it take to realize the better approach is to repair the act? There are parts some like, parts some don't like. No bill will make everyone happy. Get together congressional leaders (both sides), physicians, insurers and patients and amend what we have. It will be much easier to amend one section at a time than to scrape what we have and start over.

Would someone please tell Mr. President to throw the "twitter machine" away and stop being a bully? He keeps stoking fires that would go out if he would just shut up. And concentrate on the issues concerning the people of this country. Our government may not be perfect, but the process works and it will all come out fine. I'm beginning to wonder if he really does have something to hide.

Will we ever get to a bipartisan agreement about our president? When Republicans criticized President Obama, his supporters called them racists, etc. So now we have the Democrats criticizing President Trump, and what do his supporters called the criticizers? Nothing. Seems like the right respects free speech in America.

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