Last Word on the eclipse, Aug. 16

Eclipse watching

I'm calling about the eclipse that's due Aug. 21. You cannot watch it with the naked eye and need a certain type of lens to look at the eclipse. They're usually just paper glasses with a film in them. Are these available locally for sale, or maybe doctors' offices or whatever have these available to be used for the eclipse? Thank you.

Food trucks

Food trucks are parasites that suck the life out of brick-and-mortar restaurants. The brick-and- mortar restaurant has made an investment in the community with a building, staff and taxes. Where is the same investment by a food truck that drives up, sells cheap and then drives away? Food trucks should not be allowed with in 1 mile of brick-and-mortar restaurants. The exception would be where a food truck is contracted by a special event to raise money. Another exception would be to established food truck areas designated by the county or city to control permits and to insure they meet the same requirements required by a brick-and-mortar restaurant to sell food to the public.

Spook calls

To the person calling regarding the spook phone calls: Call the company or call the agency that is being spooked. I've actually done it on several occasions, and they were grateful and they were able to call the police. I actually got one from The Virginia Gazette. It said "Virginia Gazette" and it wasn't. The person that would not allow you to say anything when she called — it's a recording, so she can't stop talking.

Emergency alerts

What is JCC thinking? I have gotten nine text messages and four phone calls to our home phone in the past few hours alerting us to lightning. I signed up expecting to be notified of an emergency, such as a tornado or hurricane evacuation. A thunderstorm is not an emergency. Waking up the entire family to state the obvious is not what an emergency notification system was intended to do. Please re-evaluate how the system is used.

Williamsburg taxes

Looking at the whining coming from the restaurant owners in Williamsburg, you would think this proposed tax is coming out of their pockets. Remember, retailers collect tax from the buyer; they don't pay it themselves, they pass it on. Anyhow, this tax will add about 20 cents to the average breakfast or lunch plate in Williamsburg. If that's enough to run the average buyer out of the city, then the restaurant owners need to look at what kind of value they're giving to their customers.

Fewer tourists, CW in financial straits, vacant store fronts everywhere, empty parking lots at Williamsburg Pottery, Kohl's/Best Buys/Dick's, and the former Ukrop's center and unfilled parking spots at Busch Gardens, and City Council wants to increase meal-lodging taxes on visitors and meal taxes on residents. If the objective is to attract more visitors, then raising the cost of visiting Williamsburg is stupid. If the true objective is to attract more visitors, then City Council should eliminate the meal-lodging surcharge altogether for a year or two and market Williamsburg as a "best destination value." With more visitors, a tourism development fund becomes unnecessary, doesn't it? If no taxes doesn't draw in visitors, then try something else in 2020. Raising taxes now will only discourage visitors and aggravate the downturn.

Thank you

I attended the wonderful butterfly exhibit recently at Freedom Park with my granddaughter, and what a great day. The volunteers were wonderful with the activities and interacting and explaining to the kids, it was such a fun day. Thank you!

A big thank you to the wonderful folks at Scavenger's Paradise — Mac, Orene, Tom and Dottie — for 22 years of being the best consignment shop in the area. I, for one, appreciate all the hard work you put in to the business of helping me get the best prices for any merchandise I brought to you. I have also bought many beautiful pieces at your shop and will enjoy them for years to come. You all deserve the time now to relax and rest.

I would like to thank Jeff Lane for his years of devoted service to the patrons of Rite Aid on Jamestown Road. My husband and I have been relying on him for many years to keep us with the proper medicine. He has become a friend and we will miss him so much. Jeff, it's time to slow down and enjoy your life. You will not be forgotten. Jeff Lane has been for many years our pharmacist and our friend. He will be sorely missed.

New project

Frank Shatz's column on the amazing College of William and Mary student work (Shark Tank) is so impressive. It set me pondering: Can they do some kind of study on why — when they are children — people choose anti-social, even criminal activities? And perhaps how and when those choices can be redirected to honest, productive activity?

Looking for ...

Looking for a lapidary stone-cutting saw if someone is done with theirs. Call 757-869-7725.

I also have been saving tabs off soda cans and I too no longer have a place to turn them in. Please let me know if you receive some positive information on this.

Where can a senior citizen take prescription eyeglasses for reglazing? Thank you.

Does anyone know where employees can go to learn how to deal with a boss bullying (if it's not related to race, age or disability)? Need a class or mentor. Thank you.

Fly the flag

Please, please fly our flag, even if you don't like what is going on in Washington. Please do it for all the men and women in service who try so hard to keep us safe. Please.

Colonial Williamsburg

A word about CW's endowment fund: Folks have questioned the reason why CW needs to generate revenue when they have an endowment fund to support them. Simple economics, and kind of like trying to live off of your savings account without a job or income coming in to replenish the fund. Living off of a fund alone means depletion of the fund; therefore, depletion of money, period.

There are many ideas swirling about on the obvious need for better marketing for CW, both for their benefit and ours. (If CW flourishes, we all flourish.) How about CW marketing people staffing a booth at the Saturday Farmers Market to inform and remind visitors of all the wonderful activities going on in CW? Somehow, the wealth of wonderful events and activities isn't getting promoted sufficiently. People leave home, timeshare or hotel with no idea of all the special activities going on. A staffed booth at Second Sunday would be useful too. With maps, programs and some enthusiastic person describing events suitable for the questioner, there could be a better connection between Merchants Square and CW.

Road worries

I, too, like the flashing yellow traffic light arrows, in most cases. But whoever implements them should take into consideration the ability of drivers turning to see if there is any oncoming traffic. Case in point: The left turn from Monticello Avenue to the connector for Ironbound Road by the Cold Stone Creamery. When you are sitting there waiting for traffic to stop and there are cars in the left turn lane (oncoming), you can't see the cars coming in the outer lane on Monticello, and they move pretty fast. My wife and I were there and almost got hit because we couldn't see anything coming. So extreme caution is advised there.

To the person concerned about drivers backing out of parking places without bothering to look behind them: Perhaps they are looking and didn't see you. A gentle tap on the thing in your car in the middle of the steering wheel, called a horn, would alert the person backing up that you're behind them, and that would be just as helpful to anyone that is trying to back up.

I am guilty of backing up without looking, as the person said in the paper, and I am trying to pay more attention to it. And since I am older than 70, I realize all the reactions and all the vision things aren't what they used to be — even pulling out of my driveway, I look both ways two times before I pull out. Thank you.

Free to you

Free for pick up: FLEX CTS cross-training system (stepper, weight training home gym). Call 258-5105.

Free to you: A large seven-drawer desk, has had some use (a couple of dents and a sticky drawer), but would be a useful item for a student. Also a 6-and-a-half foot artificial Douglas Fir Christmas tree (Christmas in August). You pick up. Call 757-564-4520 to claim.

Writers group

I'm writing about the woman who asked about her novel that she wrote and was wondering if someone would read it and let her know about publishing it. There is a Chesapeake Bay Writers' Club that I have notes from, from many years ago, and they will have a writers' critique group. I don't know if they're still doing that, but the number to call for more information that was in the paper at the time is 804-462-5652, and they could probably read her novel and let her know if they consider it publishable. Thank you.

New businesses

Are we the only ones concerned about the increasing number of new businesses being alcoholic beverage producers? Half the city's population are college students, most of the other half seniors, probably on lots of meds. Do we really need more alcohol-infused people on our roadways?

W-JCC redistricting

When the W-JCC School Board decides to redistrict the high schools, they should also very carefully re-evaluate the alternative programs and inequity in our schools. Where Lafayette High School currently encompasses four additional programs, such as GED, Alternative Ed and ESL, the other two high schools each encompass one. Yes, one! The other two high schools should bring in at least one additional program each and let LHS become a level player of school excellence that we are always graded on, but never make the cut due to our "sub-groups." It's time for a change, and we, as LHS parents, neighbors and involved community members, are invested in making all our schools achieve higher standards.

Speed bumps

Regarding the speed bumps in Ford's Colony: These are long overdue and the effort should be expanded to the Ford's Colony Drive. If someone has damaged their car, they are crossing the bump too fast.

I traverse John Pott Drive two to three times a day. The new speed bumps aren't slowing me down. I am continuing to do the 25 mph speed limit. My trailer goes over these bumps quite well, some noise, but not really a big deal. I don't know how much they spent on these, but I don't see them doing anything but making lots of noise. I would predict that there will be a lot more of them installed soon, as every street will be asking for them. Hope everybody is ready to spend some more bucks.


Williamsburg is extremely fortunate to have the community medical support that it does. During a six-day stay at Sentara Regional Medical Center, I met some of the nicest, most caring, professional, compassionate, efficient and friendly people since coming to the area more than 20 years ago. From the ER physicians to the medical technicians, nurses, aides, staff assistants, food service and sanitary crews, they were obviously well trained in their duties and were always cheerful and responsive.

Highly recommend Wind-Mart Handyman's power washing — they did an excellent job on our house and driveway today. Also did some other handyman type chores (outdoor recaulking, repair of porch railing and hanging barn star). You won't go wrong with Kris at 757-221-9500.

We were in need of expert advice on tree removal and yard trimming and contacted RA Coleman Landscaping Inc. We received an immediate call-back from Bryan, who came immediately to advise us as to what was needed. The work was completed in one day with no debris left on the property. The entire crew were courteous and did a complete job at an extremely reasonable price. We highly recommend this company.

Up in Washington

I am very tired of Republicans blaming Democrats and Democrats blaming Republicans for everything. Whatever happened to team work? Why can't people work together for the benefit of the country, not an individual party?

Trump could have been a great president, but so far he has squandered his opportunity. The biggest problem in our country these days is polarization between people and their political parties. If Trump had come in and led toward bipartisanship he could have achieved great things. Instead, he just pushed the wedge in between people and parties even more. His recent Trump-care defeat proves it. He could recover by getting both sides of the Senate and House together and encouraging them to work together on a bipartisan fix to Obamacare. Rather than just one side "winning," the result would please more Americans overall. Isn't that what would be best? And Trump would look better for it.

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