Last Word on W&M tailgating, Sept. 10

Tailgating changes

Tribe fans will be in for a culture shock the first home game when they won't be allowed to re-enter the stadium from their halftime tailgating. Citing "security," the bigwigs will lounge in their luxury boxes enjoying adult beverages and hors d'oeuvres while those who've paid big bucks for their tailgate parking space will face long lines for sugar water and meat-flavored bread. Should this policy continue, I will buy another set of tickets for re-entering and deduct the cost from my annual gift. I encourage alumni and others affected by this Draconian nonsense to do the same.

Three cheers

Hooray for Warhill High School and its innovative approach to high school learning! Over the next 20 years, a huge percentage of the jobs currently available to people with only a high school education are going to disappear, due to new technology. The kind of thinking approach to learning that Warhill is trying to experiment with needs to be closely followed and supported by everyone in our area and in our country. Thank you.

I would like to thank the kind gentleman on the bicycle who was behind me at the SunTrust ATM on Monticello. I left my ATM card in the machine. He ran after my car and returned my card. I greatly appreciate it!

Williamsburg Inn

It was music to my ears to learn that Colonial Williamsburg will allocate $8.5 million toward amenities for the Williamsburg Inn. Speaking of music, I hope this will include returning live piano music to the Regency Room. This amenity has been sorely missed. I believe the young pianist's name was Robert.

Here's hoping the city fathers say no to a reflecting pool in front of our beautiful Williamsburg Inn. Mr. and Mrs. Rockefeller's vision was an elegant Virginia country estate, "America's Guesthouse." It has been a home away from home for thousands who appreciate her understated elegance. Why is an outside consulting firm, who has no respect for Williamsburg and could care less about the history, been hired to make the Inn look like any other hotel? Have you seen the lackluster flower gardens in the front? Change for change sake?

Teacher pay

While I have enormous respect for our teachers and the hard work that they do, we need to keep teacher pay in perspective. Teachers do not work a full year. In fact, when you take into account the time off for Thanksgiving, winter break, spring break and summer recess, teachers are on vacation approximately 14 weeks and this doesn't include single day holidays and personal vacation time. Please keep this in mind when discussing teacher pay.

Mail delivery

Here's a thought: Keep your cars, garbage cans and used furniture out of the street and maybe then the mail carriers scan get the mail delivered on time.


For those seeking a plumber: I heartily recommend Powhatan Plumbing, 358-5014. They are locally owned, second generation. The response time is quick, they are efficient and reasonable. We have used them for some 30 years.

From personal experience I can highly recommend two brick masons: Tony Harris, (757) 593-1310 and Andrew VanDenburgh, (757) 566-2143. Both are very professional, neat and reasonably priced.

Everybody knows that I-Hop has great pancakes, but we tried their beef tip dinner—so tender it melts in your mouth, so fabulous. And also their Florentine fish dinner. Unbelievably good! I thought I was eating at a five-star restaurant. I was shocked.

My husband and I recently had Khalid, a brilliant computer geek, to our home for some much need technical advice. Khalid is professional, courteous and prompt. He is exceptionally knowledgeable and very patient. He is truly a godsend to those of us born before techno generation. You can reach him at (757) 291-3663.

To anyone with elderly parents: Home Helpers was a godsend. All I had to do was call and, even on a holiday, my mother had help at home. They have very reasonable rates and the helpers were great with my mom. Their number is 757-989-0090. Thank you very much.

To the person looking for someone to come to their home to trouble shoot their home-theater system: Call Jesse Thomas, 757-293-8362, Integrated HiFi. He came to my house on short notice, diagnosed the problem and fixed it in less than an hour for a reasonable price.

In the Sept.7 Last Word, a reader asked about someone to trouble shoot a home theater system. We just had a system installed by Protection and Audio/Video by Design, 5268 Olde Towne Rd, Williamsburg. They sold us most of the components, installed them, and tested all components to be sure they all "talked" to the remote.; Phone: 757 258 1285.

To the person looking to have 8 mm film transferred: I would call Computer Concepts. I'm really amazed at the prices that they charge, and they seem quite reasonable. You can reach them at 564-3996. OK. Good luck.

Great program

Over the Labor Day weekend I had the pleasure of attending two performances at the Hennage Auditorium at the DeWitt Wallace Museum. One was a lecture on the Revolutionary War battles. It was excellent! I went back to hear Henley Fork. This trio did a Labor Day tribute to workers with songs from past centuries. Again, a fabulous hour with musicians who are a treasure. Thank you to Mary Cottril for the programs day after day and the email updates. I hope more of the community will take advantage of what the Hennage offers.

Rumor quashed

What happened to Rick's Cheesesteak Shop in Williamsburg?! We noticed it was described as "permanently closed" online and when we drove by, there was a "help wanted" sign on the door. We thought this place was amazing with a staff that was friendly and fantastic. Does anyone know the scoop? Editor's note: A quick call over to Rick's (221-9566) confirms that they are indeed open. They lost power last Saturday and took off Sunday and Monday for the Labor Day holiday.

Free to you

Yours for the taking: 4-foot, pre-lit (50+lights) Christmas tree plus holiday ornaments and decorations. 757-220-2278. Call 9-1 p.m. or after 6 p.m.

Whirlpool 21 cu. ft. refrigerator. Refrigerator not cooling completely, but freezer works great. You pick up. 757-570-5733.

Give credit

Myself, along with a lot of other people, have noticed the absence of names on the arrangements on the Christmas homes tour. Due to the large financial gain for this tour, they also failed to acknowledge the arrangers' talents. Please, in the future, at least could these arrangers be recognized? They are the backbone of the Christmas homes tour, and without them, there would be no tour. Thank you very much.

Outdoor cats

Our newest neighbors now have two cats. They turn them out each morning to roam the neighborhood and they have decided to use my pool landscaped areas as their litter boxes. The stench is awful and it is no longer pleasant to sit out by our pool in the evenings. I addressed this problem with our new neighbor and the lady laughed it off saying, "Oh, you know how cats like to roam." I asked her to keep the cats off my property and once again was greeted with laughter. "Well I'll talk to them but they probably won't listen." I was not amused. What are my rights here? They are making parts of my property unusable and my neighbor apparently has no desire to remedy the problem.

Scam alert

There's another scam out there that people should be aware of. It is a young man claiming to be the oldest grandchild, and claims there is an emergency — he needs money. You should be aware that this is a scam and it is not your oldest grandchild calling. Thank you.

Protected speech

Once again President Obama has managed to further damage race relations, this time by agreeing with the black San Francisco Quarterback's decision not to stand during our National Anthem. While Obama's exact words were "that is his right" instead he should have said it is just plain disrespectful.

Looking for ...

Now that JJ's Small Engine Repair has gone out of business, can anybody recommend a really good lawn mower repair person in this town?

Looking for someone to value/appraise Civil War reproduction guns, reproduction and original swords, and original letters and documents.

I'm seeking out those living in the Williamsburg area and points north, that classify themselves under the Pagan Umbrella, Wiccan, Druid, Witch, etc. In or out of the broom closet. Family friendly. Those interested in learning more, please send an email with questions, your interest/inquiry to:

To the person who's looking for a reliable brick mason: I refer you to Craig Smith. His number is 975-9413. He has been a brick mason for many, many years, and he has done work for me and he does a great job. Thank you.

Has anyone in the Brandon Woods community found a pair of prescription eyeglasses over the past weekend? Glasses apparently fell out of jacket pocket while I was doing a morning walk on Sunday. If so, please call 645-3328. Thank you.

This is Judith Robert. I live at 420 Burbank Street, Williamsburg, Virginia. I'm looking for a couch. My phone number is 645-3788. Thank you.

Does anyone know where I can reach Erin, the beautician who used to work at the What I Want Salon? Thank you.

A local retired teachers organization is interested in compiling a book/collection of memoirs; looking for someone who would be willing to advise how to get started and proceed. Respond to

Any recommendations for a reputable home repair person who would go into our attic to get rid of a squirrel who finds its way in? A wood base board might need replacing.

This is in response to someone looking for a gardener to redo a flower bed. I recommend Michael at 969-0663. He is very affordable, charges by the hour and is extremely competent at flower bed work. He's done a wonderful job for me on several projects. Love to recommend him. Thank you.

Looking for motorcycle riding friends in this area, I am retired and love to ride! Contact if interested.

To the person asking about mahjong classes: Williamsburg Area Learning Tree (WALT) usually has a mahjong class. Info is on their website at

Does anyone know of a female hair stylist who comes to your home? My mother is 83 years young and I am unable to transport her to a hair salon.

Support teachers

As school gets underway, teachers in our area could use your support. Local teachers have projects needing funding on Visit the page and search for local classrooms. Teachers and students will appreciate your help!

Swim wear

I think the uproar over the wearing of so called burkinis by Muslim women at beaches and public pools is quite silly. Less than a century ago, women were still wearing full length, heavy wool "bathing dresses," which when wet made it dangerous for them to go more than knee deep into the water. As late as the end of the Korean War, any woman showing up on a public beach dressed in today's bikinis risked arrest for indecent exposure. How times have changed.

Yellow butterflies

Regarding the yellow butterfly: Thank you so much for the information and for the correction about the monarch. The yellow and black to me look so much like the monarch—that's why I thought they were. But that's good to know—I like knowing that. Thanks so much.

Call me 'girl'

I do not consider it disrespectful or condescending to be considered a girl. I'm a girl, I'm a female, I'm a woman, I'm a mother, I'm a daughter, I'm someone's child—and I'm 63. I think the feminists need to lighten up. You tried to make women, men; you tried to make men, women and you just need to lighten up about it. I have no problem with the effects of the word. So, girl or woman, it's the same thing, and it's only offensive to the person it may offend, which is you.

Hunting heads-up

"Today we use our weapons," said a recent Last Word correspondent, "be they rifle or shotgun or handgun, for hunting table meat." Chronic Wasting disease (the deer and elk equivalent of Mad Cow disease) is endemic in all Virginia counties and in most other states. If someone eats infected deer meat, it may take as many as 20 years before they show symptoms and suffer a very unpleasant death from Creuzfeldt-Jacobs disease. Wild turkeys may be a better bet, or at least get your deer-meat tested for the disease before you eat it.

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