Last Word all about presidential politics, Oct. 21

Everyone has an opinion about the candidates and election. Here are some.


Presidential politics

I get so tired of people saying they can’t vote for Donald Trump but they also can’t vote for Hillary Clinton.  Not voting for Hillary Clinton is equivalent to voting for Trump.  They are the only candidates who have a legitimate chance to win the election.  Do we want our country to be led by someone who has the experience to do the job or someone who displays the self-control of a school child?  Do we want someone who values the future by working to help our children become successful citizens or someone who acts like a spoiled child?  Neither candidate is perfect but at least Hillary has shown an ability to work with others while Trump has spent his whole life bullying and abusing others.  Voting for another candidate or not voting is equivalent to voting for Trump.

You know, this entire presidential election is making me literally sick, ashamed, disappointed. Not only in Clinton or Trump, I am disappointed in mass media and America. What we see going on now is a lynching by mass media, television, radio, day-time talk shows. It’s a lynching before our eyes.

We have Clinton and Trump in a boat, 300 miles in the ocean in the middle of a hurricane. Who wins? Or, who loses?  Well, I think America wins.

I don't know how many of you watched Meet the Press Sunday. It was a prime example of how much the media is one sided on covering the election. When Chuck Todd interviewed Biden, he was calm, non-attacking, saying nothing negative about Clinton.  However when he interviewed former NYC Mayor Giuliani and Pence, he went on the attack, interrupting both and just dwelled on all this media that most is unbelievable.  Funny how all of this suddenly came up one month before the election.  Being a faithful viewer of the show for many years, I have canceled the series recordings.

We are actually watching and reading direct from the long ago tee shirt slogan, " running with scissors "—and it's an astonishing display of human meltdown! Will a psychiatrist tell us what is likely to happen to the runner? Will he blindly run into the path of an 18 wheeler? Jump off a cliff? Damage people and property before he self destructs?  Can't watch any longer!

Hacked Hillary Clinton-related emails show that Jennifer Palmieri, Clinton campaign communications director, tells others within the campaign's inner circles that Mrs. Clinton "has begun to hate everyday people." If this attitude is not bad enough, there's the condemnation of Catholics and Evangelicals by senior officials of the Clinton campaign. What compels "everyday" Americans, Catholics, and Evangelicals to support a devious, better-than-thou hypocrite?  Imagine what kind of a president for all the people Hillary Clinton will be.

First they claim that they have always voted Republican but not this time?  It’s all about Trump, but nowhere do they give a real factual reason for not voting for Trump except to sound like a Democrat.  Then states that they were not going to vote for either.  In this case if we are to believe the polls, as reported by the media, not voting becomes a vote for Clinton.  There are very few signs for Mrs. Clinton, just a fact.  But, it sounds better if you say the Trump supporters are taking them.

I must say I agree with Aleck Loker and Kathy Gibson (page 18a in Oct. 12 Gazette) regarding the serious mud-slinging and slander taking place in the presidential election.  This country is in serious trouble and hate is running rampant, disrespect for our police force, our military, our veterans, our flag (the symbol of our freedom).  I, too, would like to see less mud-slinging and more for the future of the citizens of this great country.  I want a President who's not seeking personal power and riches but is seeking a high standard of living for the American people - higher employment, affordable medical insurance, safety for our families, smaller government--America as it was 60 years ago. One of our candidates is a true patriot and wants to bring this back for us.  He's not for sale to the money men who want to own him –good for him.  He's got my vote.

In response to the father of two daughters who was offended by the vile, disgusting things that Donald Trump has said:  I do not know of anyone who believes that language was acceptable.  In the election we have two choices:  Trump, who uses reprehensible language or Hillary, which will be an extension of Obama’s failed fiscal policies. I don’t like either.  I am reminded of the old rhyme:  Sticks and stones will break my bones, but names will never hurt me.  Granted, Trump’s language was inappropriate; it can offend daughters, but not hurt them, whereas Hillary’s policies will continue to place our children, grandchildren and great grandchildren in debt for the rest of their lives and that can hurt them.  I question the father’s priorities.

Well, it looks like we can expect to see Kentucky Senator Mitch McConnell again stand up in the near future and announce that for the next four years he will be dedicated to making sure that Hillary Clinton is not re-elected.  Four more years of wasteful diatribes and failures to focus on improvements for the American people.  It’s not the President who passes laws and our nation’s spending budgets.  It’s the 535 over-inflated egos in Congress.  They’re the ones who really need to be replaced.

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