The Last Word on winter storm Jonas, Jan. 30

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Snow storm response

I want to thank my paper carrier, David Jacobo, for delivering my paper and on time during and after the blizzard.

It is Saturday, Jan. 23rd after the snow. Thank Heaven we didn't get the snow like they're getting in D.C. and New York, but I really wanted to thank Richard and Angel, who delivered our papers to us this morning. I know it was probably a little treacherous out there in the cold, so I greatly appreciate them delivering the newspaper, and I'm sorry to hear that they will not be able to be with us much longer, due to other circumstances, but they have been probably the best carriers that we have had since we've lived here, almost 11 years. I'm hoping the Gazette will wish them well, and perhaps they can come back some day. Thank you.

Well, I just stopped by the post office on Monticello Avenue—it's about two o'clock. I guess the old saying is, "Rain nor sleet"—maybe we ought to add slush in there, too. Well, that place is locked up like a blood-sucking tick. Ain't a soul to be found. So they need to change their motto a little bit.

VDOT should take the million dollars that they want to spend on the roundabout and the money they would pay the poor people whose property that they're taking and invest it in snow removal equipment, as we are sitting for day no. 3 without seeing a single plow come down our road. Shame, shame, shame on VDOT!

Isn't time that we people of Williamsburg demand better snow removal after a snowstorm? I'm in Banbury Cross, and we typically don't see a snowplow. If we do, it's not until the snow has melted on the street, two or three days after a snowfall. We need better snow removal. We can't get out of this area without a plow. Thank you.

What were they thinking? Walmart plowed their parking lot, but didn't bother to plow the entrances.

So this is the 21st century and I am still trapped inside my house, four days after the storm, because the roads are a complete disaster. Our VDOT trucks have been called to Northern Virginia to help out up there. Well that is just great if our roads are cleared first. Instead of spending millions of dollars on roundabouts, they should take that money and invest in snow removal equipment. Please don't say this is the South and get used to it. That has become a lame excuse for years. In the 15 years we have been here every year, we have a major storm that cripples the area. Schools closed for days on end, people stuck inside. What good are cleared primary roads if secondary roads are impassable?

On Saturday, Monica delivered our newspapers before 8 am. The mail never came. So much for "Neither snow or rain. ..from their appointed rounds "

What a pleasant surprise to see the Saturday edition of the Gazette at the end of my driveway on Jan. 23rd following the snowstorm. Kudos to those people who made the successful delivery effort.

The U.S. Post Office with all its employees, equipment, and traditions could not "make their appointed rounds" during the two normal mail delivery days of the current nor'easter snow storm. However, our local newspapers, both of which are printed 50 miles away in Richmond, were delivered with regular contract paper delivery persons on both days before 7:00 am. Interesting! And way to go, Virginia Gazette and Daily Press!

Perhaps your cartoonist would like to pen a new submission about Gov. Terry McAuliffe in response to the nationwide praise for his handling of the Blizzard of 2016.

I would like to thank Tammy with the City of Williamsburg. I noticed shortly after the snow plow came through that snow was piled high directly at my driveway entrance. This proved to be a problem because I am a healthcare worker, I would not have been able to leave my driveway in an emergency. I called a City of Williamsburg hotline and spoke with Tammy. Within 30 minutes, the plow truck was back and the workers removed the piled up snow. This reaffirms that Williamsburg is a wonderful city in which to live.

My husband and I want to say thank you to the gentleman in the car next to us in the Williamsburg Players parking lot Wednesday night who used his credit card to scrape the ice on our front window. I had turned on the wipers on my little Smart Car, thinking the ice was just fluffy snow. Before my husband could get out and scrape it, all of a sudden the stranger reached over with his credit card and cleared our windows. Many thanks.

Sunday, the snow storm long gone, and roads are completely clear except occasional small slushy spots, yet both the library and bus system are completely shut down! Why? On whose authority? Public service organizations like the library and bus system should not have the authority to close willy-nilly on their own. Revise City policy and make these managers accountable! The object is to serve the public, not their own interests.

How much better our lives would be if others performed their jobs as efficiently as our local newspaper delivery people! Throughout this latest storm, we in Powhatan Secondary have received our papers (Daily Press and Virginia Gazette); Washington Post delayed but delivered the next day. Reading the paper is our favorite activity and we greatly appreciate the reliability of our local carriers.

Bless the gentleman who was so kind to clear roads in Woodland Farms during our most recent blizzard.

I am very disturbed by the decision to allow the Target store to remain open until 10 p.m during the extremely dangerous storm we are having here this weekend. The few employees that actually showed up have friends and families that are concerned for their safety. I haven't left my home in two days due to the weather and Target expects their employees to venture out in the snow for what? To stand around as the roads become more dangerous to drive on? Nobody should need anything bad enough to just go to target in the middle of severe weather. This storm was predicted well in advance. Come on, people, be considerate of the safety of your employees.

Kudos to the Farm Fresh at Governor's Green on John Tyler Highway. They opened as usual on Sunday, Jan. 24. Despite the weather, they got to work and opened on time. I greatly appreciate their efforts. Shopping there is like visiting friends!

Kudos to our lady news carrier in Colonial Heritage. Paper was there as always on that nasty Saturday wintry day!

A snowstorm or a snow job? This snowstorm has produced a lot of bad judgment as far as removing snow. I saw trucks going up and down main roads — no snow on the roads — but continually plowing and salting, when the back roads are impassable and dangerous. Somebody needs to do better planning. If 20% of our snow budget was used properly to do the main roads and the back roads, the back roads would be done in time for people to get out for work. So I think that Virginia Department of Transportation needs to get a handle on this. Don't let trucks plow things that don't need plowing.

It's Monday evening. I just tried to make my way home. I saw not a single snowplow. Once I got to the country, the back roads were dangerous, treacherous and barely passable. Where are the plows? Where are the concerns for taxpayers who have to travel these roads to get to the main roads?

Millions of dollars spent for snow removal. Not in my neighborhood.

I lived in an un-gated community—I mean, hey, you're welcome to come in. But I think VDOT has made a drastic error here. I got out this morning. Somebody has spread sand all over this 6-inches thick ice. I don't know whether they put the sand in the wrong neighborhood or what, but, hey, if they want to come back and get it, they can. Because it's doing absolutely no good.

Does anyone else wonder why Forge Road hasn't been cleared yet? I am pretty sure that all the people who use this road have paid their taxes like everyone else, but this area always seems to be the "last on the list"! Whether it's for plowing or for power outages, etc. I guess because it's on the outskirts of Williamsburg, it doesn't matter. I have driven to work for the last two days with my car bottoming out all the way down this road. The least VDOT could do is scrape the top layer off so that this doesn't tear peoples cars up! Just sayin'.

Thank you, CVS. The day before the storm was due, they called all of their prescription people and warned them the storm was coming and make sure they had all their prescriptions. Thanks for that extra care.

I want to give cheers and a shout out to my paper carrier. I live in Piney Creek Estates and was just shocked to see that my newspaper was delivered on Saturday with all of this snow. My thought was, it absolutely wasn't necessary — the paper wasn't that important, but to see that someone cared enough about their job in fulfilling what they were supposed to do is just incredible. So, I just want to give a shout out to them. Thanks.

Thank you, Dr. Michael Dente, for your house call on Jan. 25 to change a dressing after my foot surgery. His office was slick with snow and ice. A very caring doctor.

Cheers to Ryan, Deb and the staff for working long hours and through the weekend to clear the snow and ice from our Ford's Colony HOA roads and parking lots and responding to emergencies at all hours.

Tongue in cheek

The USA Department of Transportation has issued an executive order that decreed that if Donald Trump is riding in a vehicle, it is not necessary that the vehicle have air bags.


Yes, in today's Last Word, January 20, 2016, a caller mentioned Senate votes and he goes on about Marco Rubio. And I read the article, very interesting, and it sort of reminded me of exactly what Barack Obama did when he was running. He was a senator, and he spent 90% of his time as a campaigner, and not as a senator. Thank you.

School bus manners

Why would a school bus sit in the middle of the road with its hazard lights on, with stop signs not sticking out on the side of the bus, and then when I attempt to go around the bus to get my child to school on time so they don't be late to school—why would they start pulling off, driving toward the side of my vehicle and blowing' their horn?

Thank you

We would like to express our gratitude to Dr. Mark Sullivan and his wonderful staff at Colonial Veterinary Clinic for their compassion and the care they gave Daisy, the loving companion of our daughters and us for nearly 15 years, as she moved through the final phase of her life. Daisy's last years were better for her than they might have been because of his wisdom and common sense approach to care. And as the end neared, he helped our family prepare for it and deal with our loss. We are indebted to him and his staff for all they did for us and for such an important member of our family.

Employment office

Could someone please tell us if they're going to open another Virginia Employment Commission office in Williamsburg? We call the number that we're told to call for them in Hampton. No one answers. There's always a busy signal or a recording telling us to call back. Why was the office closed, anyway? It's just ridiculous to close it [with]all the people here in Williamsburg that use that office. Someone please answer in The Virginia Gazette Last Word. Thank you.

Just remodel Super 8

This is in reference to city buying the Super 8 Motel on Richmond Road. Instead of them tearing it down for something for the arts for the City of Williamsburg, why not remodel it? Have it for the homeless people. There are also people that stay at this motel and call it their home. These homeless people need somewhere to go, but the Council of Williamsburg and other big city folks seem to not think that the homeless people need somewhere to go. Think about it! You could be in this situation. Don't tear it down for the arts; the arts have enough on Richmond Road that doesn't look good. Thank you.

Well-done article

We should say Cheers for John Millar, who wrote Jan. 16 about the climate. He doesn't argue about it; he just tells us all the options that are available. And I think that's a wonderful article. He should be commended. Thank you.

Able, willing to help

I was sitting in the parking lot of Walmart, waiting for my husband, and I saw this lady pull up next to three kids who were trying to put mattresses on a car. She got out to try help them. Next thing I know, the kids and the lady were loading the mattresses into her truck and she took them to, I guess, wherever they needed to go. It was a cold night. All kinds of men passed by, but no one stopped, and she helped three girls take mattresses somewhere. That's wonderful.

Voter fraud

Liberals need to decide what they want. They say if just one child is left behind, it's a travesty. If one innocent person goes to jail, it's a travesty. If one woman's right to choose is denied, it's a travesty. But voter fraud is okay, because it's only a few cases. Huh?

Help at school

Can someone please explain why one of our public elementary schools is being run solely by the principal, with no assistant principal in sight for months? While this principal is doing a fabulous job, it is unfair to leave the duties of administration solely to one person. The assistant principal has been present in the building less than three days a week since October, often not appearing for weeks at a time. No explanation has been given to parents or staff. Where is this elementary school assistant principal?

Looking for ...

Is there anyone in the area who can balance the air flow in my house? One room is too hot while another is too cold.

Janine, Becky, Becca, Christine, Cuffy and Lisa are now at Hair Uptown, next to Nails Uptown, in the Williamsburg Crossing Shopping Center.

Does anybody know where the girls from Fantastic Sam's went? The hair salon at Williamsburg Crossing Shopping Center.

I am looking for a real estate man who works at an agency in town who is willing to sell land—a lot. If you work for an agency, would you call and leave your umber and I will return your call as soon as possible.

Safe water?

I live in Seasons Trace. Is it safe for me to drink water from the tap without any further filtering?

Love all animals

So much for printing the article on Ryan doing a peaceful protest. It's so important to acknowledge what people are doing in the world. Having compassion and showing compassion for the sentient beings is critical. Thank you again! Love all animals; don't eat them.

Goodwill store

As I read the article about the relocation of the Goodwill Store in Williamsburg, I was shocked to read the comment from Judy Knudson regarding the location of the store. She wants the store to be "in a less prominent location." I also realized that snobbery is very much alive and well in Williamsburg.

Free to you

We have a free upright piano to give away. You must pick up and move it yourself. It is in very good shape. Located near the Busch Gardens area. Please email for more details.

I have a 60-year-old Sears sewing machine that's in excellent condition—it still works—free to whoever would like to have it. They just have to pick it up. You can call me at 757-603-1244. It's a Kenmore, in excellent condition and it still works. Thank you.

Beautiful campuses

We talk about the athletic achievements of schools in the ACC and the CAA, and rightly so. I recently went to that listed the 50 most beautiful college campuses in the United States. To my surprise, CAA member Elon University was ranked number one of the most beautiful college campus in the country, followed by William and Mary, 8th; UVA, 17th; UNC Chapel Hill, 27th; and Duke, 35th.


I'd like to see VDOT or county leaders decide and take action on making improvements to the intersections of Route 5 and Greensprings/Centerville roads before they turn a family's life upside down with installing a very unpopular roundabout.

I have a great idea: Let's keep John and Diane Thompson's property intact and get rid of the VDOT folks who came up with idea of a roundabout at that location. I've about had it with the odd intersections, the lack of turn lanes and particularly the lack of a cloverleaf in the odd intersection they came up with at 199 and Monticello. Cloverleafs would have been much more appropriate.

There is a simple, inexpensive remedy for the problem of visibility for drivers preparing to turn from News Road onto Centerville Road. I have seen this used effectively in other states and in foreign countries. Erect two mirrors on the west side of Centerville Road facing News Road and angled to show oncoming traffic in both directions on Centerville Road. The mirrors can be installed on the current VDOT right-of-way, avoiding any confiscation of the Richardson property.


Cheers to Sal's by Victor for a lovely lunch with my husband. The seafood pizza and veal piccata were delicious! We locals are very grateful!

Cheers to Brianna of Studio M for the best haircut I've had in 48 years! Highly recommend!

Everyone here in Colonial Heritage wants to thank Rob Swift for all of his beautiful ceramic tile work. His phone number is 220-6879. Thank you.

Channel choice

What Cox is not telling consumers is that when you buy the $2.99 box and set it up, it is pre-programed and you lose lots of channels. We could not be more disappointed with the false advertisement of Cox on this new box! What a scam!

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