'Yes' to the American Health Care Act

I am a 55 year old health insurance subscriber, with healthcare and law degrees. I have encountered: non-profit private fee for service, HMO's, Health Savings accounts, and Affordable Care Act plans. American healthcare is the best in the world. However, we do not have an adequate system that delivers health care to all Americans. The American Health Care Act is a good start to fix our broken system.

Congressmen Rob Wittman and Scott Taylor know the health insurance issues and did the right thing voting "yes" for passage of the bill. Wittman is a graduate of Virginia Tech and Scott a former Navy Seal. These gentlemen are hard-working Americans who want the best for you and our country. AHCA moves to the Senate for revisions, then back to Congress and finally to the president for approval or veto.

I have read the AHCA and understand that revisions will take place. Most importantly, it will safeguard pre-existing conditions and provide coverage to all of your children up to age 26. Your premiums will go down. Your deductible will go down. Your co-paymentas will go down. You will control your coverage based upon your needs. You will not be penalized for opting out of coverage. You can choose your own doctor again.

When Obamacare ends, there will be no other choice. It has failed. There are eight insurance providers in Virginia for 2018. However, they come with huge unsustainable premium increases and more insurers will pull out. The eight insurers in the 2018 Virginia exchange have filed average weighted rate increases of 31%, according to ACA Signups.

If the ACA were left to continue, without a repeal and replacement plan, then you will be paying annual double digit premium increases or will have no coverage at all because there would be no health insurance in your state.

Now that you better understand the issues, please do your research. Do not listen to the special-interest backed politicians, media and paid protestors. Simply, understand the issues that are important to you and communicate those issues and your needs in writing to your representatives. Please do not fall into the trap of those protestors and obstructionists who do not want America to succeed. I am confident that Wittman and Taylor always have your back.

Lenny Berl


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