We can't afford to have puppets in Congress

First, let me preface my comments by revealing that I frequently vote Democratic and Republican. Therefore, label me an Independent. Having said that, I am shocked that our Republican Representatives — Robert Wittman and Scott Taylor — voted in favor of the recently passed House bill on health insurance, often referred to as "Repeal and Replace."

•They voted on a bill without having an independent review of its costs. How stupid!

•They voted on a bill without having a detailed study of how it would affect various income groups and family situations. How stupid!

•I understand that most Representatives voted on this bill having only read a summary, but not the whole bill. How stupid since the devil is in the details.

•Maybe they expect the Senate to "fix" the bill. More stupidity! Or is that just lazy?

•Ever since "Obamacare" was passed, the Republicans have had years to draft a health bill that would be reasonable, workable and attainable. Instead, they rushed this legislation through as if it was a fire drill. Again, how stupid!

Are Wittman and Taylor simply Trump's puppets? Maybe so. In any case, I cannot wait until the next election to vote against Representatives who demonstrate stupidity over intelligence, imprudence over reason, and party loyalty over the people's interest. Maybe in 2018 the "R" after their names will stand for "retired" or "removed."

Page Brinkley

James City County

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