Snowden waived speaking fee for W&M talk

While the April 19 Virginia Gazette story on Edward Snowden's appearance at William and Mary covered the content of the session and contained a brief description of how the event was arranged, your reporter failed to ask the question that most interested me. Was Mr. Snowden paid to appear at this event? And if so, how much and by whom? If W&M paid him to appear, did it use tax dollars? Or was this event underwritten by a private donor? Student activity fees? While I have no problem with W&M allowing him to address students and other members of the college community, I do object to paying a traitor to justify the betrayal of his country.

Ronnie Chappell


Editor's note: Scott Barton of the Institute for Humane Studies at George Mason University which set up the talk, told us that Snowden waived his speaking fee for the talk at W&M. Barton estimates he has spoken to students at about two dozen colleges and has been paid for some of them.

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