ACHA, Trump hurt regular citizens

In response to Mr. Kirby's letter of May 20 regarding "Trumpcare" (the American Health Care Act), President Trump as well as Congressman Wittman have been shown to be not very honest with the facts.

During Trump's campaign he said "We will save Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security without cuts." He is now proposing a budget with an $800 billion cut to Medicaid. This will cause many families to go bankrupt, hurt our seniors and veterans. Rather than trying to improve the Affordable Care Act, Trump and Republicans are now destabilizing it by not guaranteeing payment to insurers to pay subsidies under the present ACA. This is to prove their point that its falling apart which will further hurt many of the very people who supported Trump.

According to experts, removal of these subsidies will increase insurance rates up to 25% during the first year.

In general, rather than providing great health care for our citizens, Trumpcare is basically a disguised tax cut for the very wealthy. The vast majority of tax cuts to the rich as a result of this plan is $592 billion which will come from cutting health care from the middle class and the poor. If we want America to be great again we need to start with health care that all Americans can receive and afford rather than just provide benefits for the wealthy.

James H. Clark,

James City County

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