Drug companies wield too much power

Recently, D.C. Pride was interrupted by protestors angry about the role of corporations. But D.C. Pride is not the only institution in the capitol wrestling with the influence of corporations. Just as the banking industry and Northrop Grumman have become active in shaping the parade, drug corporations have corrupted the medical world. These corporations price gouge consumers and spend millions on lobbying to fill their pockets, while pricing drugs out of reach for seniors and the ill.

Current drug prices in the U.S. force Americans to choose between providing food for their families and taking life-saving medication. In a recent study by the Kaiser Family Foundation, 77% of Americans think that drug corporations price drugs out of reach. To fix this problem, we need a comprehensive reform on our drug pricing system and the power that drug companies wield. A huge step in the right direction is for Congress to pass the Improving Access to Affordable Prescription Drugs Act. Our Representative, Rob Wittman, has yet to support this bill. Wittman should challenge the power of pharmaceutical corporations and support this bill to benefit our community.

John Edwards


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