Letter on health care follows the script

Mr. James H. Clark, whose letter was published in the May 27 edition of the Gazette is, based on his letter, a classic liberal/Democrat. He starts with a straw assertion that President Trump and Congressman Wittman are liars and then goes on to include grand generalities and class warfare to back up his that assertion. He should first understand the American Health Care Act is not in force; it has not been signed into law.

Healthcare in this country is still being administered by the Affordable Care Act and it is going along just as planned, as a route to a single payer, government run, health care system. Even though premiums and deductibles have been raised, insurance companies are withdrawing from exchanges all across the country because they can't make a profit with the existing rules. Frankly, our country can't afford it either.

He asserts that seniors and veterans will "go bankrupt." A grand generality. He states the ACA is "falling apart" and will harm people who voted for Trump; another grand generality. And then he winds up with the assertion that "Trumpcare is … disguised as a tax cut for the very wealthy"; class warfare. At least Mr. Clark is following guidance of the propaganda network.

Ralph Hanna

James City County

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