Historical record supports position

In a May 8 Letter to the Editor on the 2nd Amendment, Reed Johnson misquoted me by saying, “Dr. Fiske writes that the 2nd Amendment was written for citizens who reside in rural areas of our country. This is a misconception of the left.”

What I actually wrote was that the three original reasons for the 2nd Amendment were: so most citizens could supplement their diet through hunting, to provide arms for state militia since the federal government did not yet have the funds to do so, and for all citizens to be able to protect themselves in a nation with very few law enforcement officials.

I stated that these reasons no longer applied to the nation as a whole, but now only to certain isolated (isolated, not rural) regions. The three reasons I gave for the amendment were not my own, but the reasons the Founders gave in the historical record. The Founders also made it clear that they did not support armed uprisings against the federal government unless it was the last resort and done through state militia, which today means the National Guard (which does not use privately owned weapons. They have their own.)

For the record, I am not on the left. I’m a centrist who believes in looking at the historical record accurately when discussing the Constitution.

Dr. Jeffrey Fiske

James City County

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