Young voters need to usher in change

This year, the stakes are too high to sit out Election Day — especially for young people. If the Republican allies of Donald Trump remain in power, we are the ones who will bear the brunt of their destructive policy agenda, including irreversible damage to the environment, rising cost of college and racial inequality. This November, we must take action at the ballot box.

The surge in youth voter registration that we’ve witnessed in the months following the Parkland tragedy is proof that the fastest-growing, most progressive electorate in the country is ready to fight for real political change. On Sept. 25, I worked with NextGen Virginia to continue building this momentum. In celebration of National Voter Registration Day, NextGen Virginia was on 25 campuses, engaging, organizing and registering young Virginians to vote.

In close elections, a single vote can be the crucial difference that propels a progressive candidate to victory — we’ve seen that firsthand in Virginia. The young organizers I work with are passionate student activists from diverse backgrounds, and they are determined to mobilize their peers to be that difference.

On National Voter Registration Day, our goal was to register more than 700 young people across the state to vote. Our organization has already registered more than 19,000, and we’re going full steam ahead through the midterms. On Nov. 6, young Americans can’t sit home and wait on a Blue Wave; we have to get out and make it happen.

Our futures depend on it.

Annaliese Estes


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