Sometimes, you're mistaken about a photo

My wife looked at my signature, which was on a local government resolution, and said to me, “That’s not your signature.”

I had given testimony in a deposition concerning a local government action. I was shown a document that had a signature line and a signature on the page. When I was asked if that was my signature and whether I had signed that resolution, I answered “yes.”

After the deposition was typed and submitted to me I had my wife read it over, as well as the attachment, and that’s when she spotted that the signature on that page was not mine, it was someone else’s.

My point was proven a few Saturdays ago when I was watching Gov. Northam’s press conference: sometimes you initially can agree that a picture or a signature is yours, and then later it turns out not to be.

The deposition was corrected.

Dean BeLer


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