It's time we hold a Convention of States

Today, we have a federal government that continues to overstep its bounds. We can’t vote our way out of the mess Washington, D.C., has made. We have a runaway bureaucracy, bloated government, massive deficits and trillions in unfunded liabilities.

When the framers wrote the U.S. Constitution in 1787, they knew the people would need to be involved if this republic were to last. They knew it was natural for government to grow and become oppressive. So, a few days before the Constitution was finalized, the delegates unanimously decided to put a tool in place to bring the government back under control of the states.

That tool is the amendment process detailed in Article V. It allows the states to propose amendments that bypass Congress. Since Congress won’t correct itself, it is time we used the second part of Article V to make the corrections needed. Go to and learn about the solution as big as the problem: an Article V Convention of States.

It’s time to restore these great United States of America to what our founders intended them to be.

Russell Beyer

Providence Forge

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