U.S, needs to shift focus to gun safety

America’s 21st Century important issues are stalemated by the major dependence on Dualistic Thinking, the logic of our times that allows one of two choices and promotes a polar position.

A prepositional switch will change the way most Americas think. On thinking matters, “or” asks one to choose between two options while “to” allows one to choose among many choices. Doing so while rainbow surfing will solve huge problems, bring divided people together and return our nation to a United States of America.. With rainbow thinking one speaks to what one wants, not what one doesn’t want.

An emphasis on gun safety, not gun control, is a step toward lessening violence in America. It would recognize the correlational relationship between guns in our American society, our present extreme lack of safety protocols and our culture of violence.

While in Rainbow continuous thinking mode, we would pass federal law allowing individuals to own-maintain-use a gun on their own private land or property (not including automobiles, planes, boats or any other private personal property), and make it illegal to carry, use, or take guns into any public places (with exceptions: hunting, skeet shooting, marksmanship competition, or quick draw contests) . Let the many other nations that have already gone this route be a guide.

We would return all assault weapons to the military where they belong. Prohibit gun manufacturers or private owners from selling, leasing or bartering assault weapons or ammunition to private citizens or non-military public entities in the U.S.

Citizens would voluntarily register and insure each gun that they own while passing federal law mandating the registration/insuring of every gun in the United States.

Ask the NRA to actively promote and deliver an extensive nation-wide program of gun safety courses.

These important changes will reduce greatly gun violence and begin to make America safe again

Dr. Dennis Cogswell


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