Why did driver wait so long to step forward?

I’m not from Lafayette High School, but I’ve heard plenty about Jared Antle. We are friends of friends, no close relationship.

I’ve prayed with several people who are much closer to him than I am. I have yet to hear a bad thing about this young man. Jared deserves justice, and I am happy he is finally getting it.

Someone turning themselves in is not going to undo what happened or help Jared heal any faster. I question, what makes a person wait months to accept the responsibility of a hit and run? I feel as though soft determinism describes this situation and why Mashkhal Khalid Ibrahim was fighting with himself so long to make the right decision.

People have the free will to make choices, but once you make a choice there are constraints. These factors are shaped by external components such as hereditary, society and upbringing. One must ask themselves, what was the driving force for Mr. Ibrahim to wait so long to turn himself in? There are many consequences to his actions that he will now have to own up to, but that has to take a burden off of his heart knowing that he is no longer on the run.

My thoughts and prayers are with Jared and his family right now during this hard time. He is an amazing and strong young man.

Georgie Darrah


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