Community rallied when most needed

I am a 19-year-old singer-songwriter and, recently, I experienced a close call with death. While my father and I were working on our house in Toano, I fell off of our roof and crashed down into our concrete basement, a fall of more than 20 feet.

I was airlifted to the VCU hospital in Richmond and rushed into the emergency room. I sustained multiple facial fractures, lacerations, a skull fracture and brain hemorrhaging. After spending three days there, I was discharged without any permanent damage or need for surgery. The head injury left me with a concussion that temporarily caused sensitivity to both light and sound.

During this time, my family was in dire need of physical and emotional support. Thankfully, the community we live in joined with us to make this less of a burden to bear and showered love on us in so many ways. It has been more than two months since this incident and we are still experiencing the authentic and vigilant love continually poured into our lives.

I hope this story not only encourages people to care about their neighbors, but exemplifies the defining characteristics of the community where I am proud to live.

Donavan Devlin


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