Kids lead the way on needed law changes

We should be proud of the school children who provide leadership in getting our U.S. representatives to act intelligently on gun laws. I hope that we wiser and older adults show enough wisdom to follow them and act responsibly.

As to arming teachers or providing armed vigilantes in schools, everyone should be aware that local and state laws cannot protect anyone other than a policeman from shooting or shooting at a suspected perpetrator. The U.S. Constitution provides that every suspected criminal is to be tried; a federal prosecutor is obliged to charge anyone violating federal law; a compelling defense might or might not be mounted.

Also, someone intent on killing will shoot any adult at a location known to have armed protectors: a teacher, school nurse, visiting parent, workman checking the A/C, etc., and they will have the drop on anyone reaching for a gun, whether that person is an experienced police officer or an inexperienced novice.

As soon as anyone is shot, whether a teacher, student caught in crossfire or a bystander, some personnel will quit and the school will be forced to close permanently.

Still worse is that a private organization such as the NRA is able to manipulate our government by threatening congressmen and massively supporting Supreme Court nominees and others who can act favorably for them, regardless of common sense and public opinion.

On another subject where we can all use our brains effectively, it takes an IQ of about 80 or less to figure out that the economic numbers can be improved by trashing the environment, scuttling limitations on industrial pollution, defunding the arts and humanities and lowering taxes for corporations and the wealthy, so it’s surprising that so many of us praise the short-term gains but ignore the slower, damaging long-term results.

Richard Dunn


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