We need a positive alternative

When thinking about who to vote for in the upcoming election, remember how our elected officials have voted in the past. Although 48 percent of Americans own at least one gun, the vast majority of us are in favor of common-sense gun laws that keep weapons away from dangerous people.

House Bill 38 allows for reciprocity among states that allow for concealed-carry permits. An amendment was proposed to exempt from such reciprocity permit holders who had been convicted of a violent crime within the preceding three years. Seems pretty sensible, right? Well, both Scott Taylor and Rob Wittman voted against that amendment. HJ Res 40 repealed a regulation that kept guns out of the hands of severely mentally ill people. Both Scott Taylor and Rob Wittman voted to make that law.

This isn’t about party politics, guns or the Second Amendment. It’s about the right to walk in peace and safety in a country that hasn’t devolved into murderous chaos. Please vote for a positive alternative.

Cynthia Favret

James City County

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