Guns are hijacking our American way of life

Assault, assault-style, legally modified automatic weapons, and high-capacity magazines are designed for one purpose: to kill and maim on a grand scale. They are perfect for human massacre, as evidenced by Newtown, Aurora, San Bernardino, Orlando and now Las Vegas, as well as other mass murders.

Our forefathers who championed the cause of liberty most certainly never intended our country to be held hostage to fear and dread. What’s next for the misapplication of the Second Amendment — chemical weapons?

The National Rifle Association — the lobbying arm of the weapons industry — has hijacked both our political process and our American legacy of true sport. There is no animal that requires 500-650 bullets per minute to be put down. And if you believe you need this weapon for personal defense, how many individuals outside of military engagement anticipate more than 500 people simultaneously attacking them in their home?

So you own one of these weapons because it feels awesome to shoot for fun? Well, the “right” to own these killing machines as a range toy clearly does not outweigh the right of the rest of us to enjoy a life of relative safety.

OK, so these weapons are fine in the hands of the good guys; the problem is only when bad guys get them, forcing us to maintain equal firepower to protect ourselves. Let me remind you that until the day before he killed 59 people and wounded more than 500 others, the Las Vegas murderer clearly fell into the category of good guy. And how many pistol-packing folks successfully defended themselves and others in Las Vegas?

No other country in the world tolerates this type of societal madness and no other country in the world endures such a plague. If you truly want to show sympathy to the victims or solidarity to the survivors of our latest mass carnage, be courageous and stand up for sanity.

Speak out and tell our state legislators their funding from the NRA is not worth our quality of life. Weapons designed for mass murder have no place in our society and we won’t allow the gun industry to convolute our Constitution in order to line their pockets.

Dr. Cynthia Favret

James City County

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