Batten a good choice for 96th District

Residents in Virginia’s 96th District have the opportunity to elect a well-qualified individual to represent them in the state legislature.

Amanda Batten is a first-time candidate who served as current Del. Brenda Pogge’s aide. Pogge has done a wonderful job during her 12 years in office, and as an advocate of term limits recognizes the need for a fresh perspective. As an aide, Batten possesses in-depth knowledge of the issues and workings of the legislature, yet as a new candidate she offers a new perspective. She will bring her conservative principles to the position; she has a good working knowledge of the issues facing the legislature and knows the challenges of working within the legislature for the good of the community.

For residents of the 96th District, make the time to go to the polls on June 11 and cast your vote for Amanda Batten for delegate.

Arthur Garrison


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