Why all the mail delivery problems?

You may have noticed first-class mail sporadically shows up in your mailbox. I signed up for Informed Delivery, an service that allows you to see what mail you should receive each day; images of each piece are shown.

I noticed the first-class mail pieces were not being delivered the day I saw them, but I did receive junk mail and catalogs. I asked a delivery person why that was so. The employee showed me a truck full of parcels all with bar codes. These parcels were ordered by management to take priority over other first-class mail. So the images I saw of my mail — taken at the Richmond Processing & Distribution Center — never left the facility that day.

This is something the Office of the Inspector General, the postal inspector, needs to investigate. Perhaps we all need to contact that office — uspsoig.gov or 877-876-2455 — and complain about the delays.

The fact is, the post office is overwhelmed by the number of parcels it has taken on for delivery, yet is delighted by the profitability of it all. But that does not preclude the fact that all mail is their responsibility to be delivered each and every day.

Frank Gonzalez


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