The line of lemmings marches on

A recent letter from Susan Hildum titled “U.S. Rep. Rob Wittman has unhealthy record on health care” is a classic example of how political pundits pronounce that black is white and their followers are supposed to just accept the premise without challenge.

She lists a number of votes that Rep. Wittman made, but she made no explanation as to why she thought these votes represented unhealthy choices. Presumably, we are all to assume she is the authority on the subject.

People who do not take the time to learn about the issues involved are saved that burden and they are expected to trust her judgement, like lemmings marching toward the cliff. So, let’s just take one, for example, to test that.

She includes his vote to consolidate and close Veteran’s Administration facilities and fund the use of private clinics for military veterans. The long waits and inadequate care provided by the Veteran’s Administration has been a disgrace for years. New management has requested Congressional authority to make improvements in their system and to allow veterans to use nearby private doctors when it would improve their care. Congress approved this and Hildum wants you to believe this is an unhealthy choice.

There are pros and cons to every issue and we expect our representative to select the choice with the best net benefit to us. Congressman Wittman does that. For those who want to make their choices based on letters like this from Susan Hildum, the lemming line is moving, get in line.

Jack Greenhalgh


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