To the GOP: Enough is enough!

Timothy Snyder, professor of History at Yale University and author of “On Tyranny,” warns against the one-party state. The Republican party today is putting party first and sabotaging our democratic values in the process. They propose unpopular policies and, as a result, they either fear democracy or weaken it.

Brian Kemp is the Republican secretary of state running for governor in Georgia. Kemp is using his position to help his own campaign by keeping eligible voters away from the polls instead of protecting their rights. Here in Virginia, congressman Scott Taylor’s campaign staff collected fraudulent signatures. And then there is the Republican governor of Wisconsin, Scott Walker, who is refusing to allow elections of two open state seats.

We have a Republican president who attacks the press and says they are the enemy of the state, when in fact he is an enemy of our democracy. Meanwhile, Rob Wittman and the rest of the Republicans support and enable this president to act like a tyrant. This is an insult to all Americans and our allies who fought and died for this country.

Enough is enough.

Elect Vangie Williams, Elaine Luria and Tim Kaine to congress and restore our democracy. Let us send a message to the Republican party that we will hold you accountable for putting your party first at the expense of the democratic principles this country was founded on.

John Gregoire


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