Federal government, workers are held hostage

Does the U.S. Constitution give power to the president to hold the federal government hostage? I think the Founding Fathers would never have stood for it. It sounds like a decision a king would make to get something he wants, and we know what those men thought about the king.

The president says he wants what the American people want, but when it comes to the wall, the surveys say that is only 35-40 percent of the people. I believe we all want immigration reform, but most want to leave it up to the experts to find the best and most economical solutions.

I have heard the snide comments about the federal government and its workers. It seems those with no knowledge of the workings or benefits of the government like to think government workers are lazy and useless. They might say, "So what!" about a shutdown. People with inside knowledge, such as me who worked for the federal government for more than 30 years, experienced the same hard work and stress you expect to find in any private entity.

Federal employees are citizens of the U.S.; that was a requirement for the first federal job I took, and they never asked me my political party choice. Other than the White House administration staff, you knew taking a federal position meant working sometime for either of the two major parties and maybe a third, if elected. At one time or the other, I worked for both Republican and Democratic administrations, and federal workers are not all Democrats as the president thinks. You can expect it is likely split down the middle. Still, no federal agency should even ask the question.

Federal employees are like all other people. Probably, most have families, many are single parents and all have bills to pay. The total disregard for federal workers as human beings is unforgivable; and for some unseen reason people think the president is for the working class. He has just proved he is only for that part of the working class who will believe whatever he chooses to say and gives him the adoration he requires. Apparently, he excludes his followers who are federal employees. They and the others, and that might mean you, do not exist if you find yourself standing in the president's way.

Linda Hansell

James City County

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