Congress should vote on clean spending bills

If you remove the details of the latest U.S. government shutdown, I believe you can say tradition is the culprit.

For too many years, Congress attempts to pass multi-purpose bills. It is not without a reason; that is why it never changes. Both warring political parties think it is to their benefit to have a way to blackmail the other to get what each wants.

The current bill, which did not pass in time to authorize funding to keep the Federal Government working, where I believe the parties could have come to agreement, required voting at the same time on controversial issues such as DACA and immigration reform.

There is no relationship. It seems they threw in children's health care to help prevent taking a stand on immigration.

The American people usually do not know the full extent of every bill; Congress has authority to tack on what might be considered something minor, such as a clause to name a bridge after someone.

This is not the first time the government has worked itself into a corner and my opinion, simply comes from looking at the circumstances and using logic. Each political party is pointing fingers at the other, when it is everyone's fault for allowing an antiquated principle to continue in what was meant to be the most democratic government that ever existed.

Maybe a new amendment to the Constitution is in order if that is what it takes to insure Congress will vote on one independent issue at a time. Without question, at least all appropriations bills must stand alone. If that were the case, I’d wager the federal government would never be shut down again.

Linda Hansell

James City County

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