Women haven't given up on the ERA

VAratifyERA is actively working toward the 2020 Virginia congressional session. Women never give up. If you question this, learn the history of women. For centuries, women were discriminated against and abused. Then in the 1840s, women stepped up and demanded the right to vote as men could. It took until 1920 for it to happen in the United States — about 80 years — but women never gave up.

In 1923, the Equal Rights Amendment was introduced in the U.S. Congress and the ERA finally came to a vote and passed in 1973, 50 years this time, but women never gave up. Protecting women's rights (and men's rights) by the U.S. Constitution is far overdue, more than 50 years overdue at this point, but women are not giving up. Their stamina is well documented.

Only one more state is needed for ERA Constitutional ratification. Regardless of whether another state completes ratification first, Virginia women still expect Virginia to ratify the ERA.

I believe all states, every one of them, should ratify the ERA in recognition of what women had suffered for so many generations. You may not have been a perpetrator of discrimination yourself, but in supporting women in their ERA goal, you could contribute to an apology for our country's injustices, which went on far too long.

Linda Hansell

James City County

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