We can do more to control risk with guns

Regarding the Nov. 7 letter, "Letter Mischaracterizes NRA's Mission, Actions": Can you understand why many people are on the other side? You were clever to come up with many ways people can be killed, but I believe it has been used as a defense for every thing that exists today.

Life itself is risky. There are risks because it is impossible for human beings to be perfect; all people make mistakes, no matter how good the intentions. A drunk driver uses a car as a weapon, but we still want cars because they were built with good intentions and they proved to be beneficial. We still want the risky medical procedure because it might save our life, or make life easier for suffering people.

But the gun was invented to kill and was never meant for good intentions. I personally do not know anyone who hunts or otherwise would not eat. They may exist, but the number in the world today must be very small compared to the population.

Guns are needed for war in our time, but only because the gun was invented to kill and both sides will have them. War existed before the gun was invented, and still those people always found something to fight with.

It is a free country, where people can have their own opinion, but compromise is how people get along with each other.

People who do not want guns are not asking the U.S. to do way with them, but they want strict laws to drastically cut the risks that are now present for every man, woman and child.

The faster compromise can be found, the more lives will be saved.

Linda Hansell

James City County

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