Wittman's record on environment not so great

I have looked at Congressman Rob Wittman’s voting record during the past year as it has been reported in the Daily Press. According to his website, Wittman “is working to preserve and protect the environment in a wise and effective manner.” He is particularly committed to the Chesapeake Bay.

So, I present his record of votes on the environment. In the week of Nov. 12, 2017, he voted against a law regarding state, tribal, environmental and local rights on use of waterways. In the week of Dec. 5, 2017, he voted in favor of continued corporate mining rights beneath Superior National Forest. Prior to March 11, he voted in favor of measures to block an EPA rule to decrease toxins in air from brick, clay and ceramics manufacturing, and to not require power plants to meet clean air standards when burning coal refuse.

The week of May 13, he voted in favor of storing nuclear waste in Nevada and against getting permission from local governments to store nuclear waste in their area. Before June 10, he voted for an appropriation for fossil fuel research and to prohibit spending to regulate carbon production or study its effects on climate change.

He also voted in favor of extending fishing regulations to conserve fishing stock.

Vangie Williams is a candidate for the 1st Congressional District. She is not accepting corporate donations, so she will be free to vote for clean air and clean water for the benefit of the people.

Susan Hildum


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