Can sales tax windfall pay recycling fees?

Well, they are at it again. Whenever local governments face a fiscal problem, either taxes are increased or there is an added fee.

January 2018 saw the arrival of the Tommy/Mason 1 percent sales tax increase. According to The Virginia Gazette, James City County is expected to receive a windfall in revenue from their portion of this new tax. Why not use part of James City County’s windfall to cover the recycling fee?

Government officials should note the 1 percent Tommy/Mason tax on $100 per week sales generates $52 per year. Revenue from a $5 or $6 per month fee will generate $60 to $72 per year. The period of July 2019 to June 30, 2020 will generate $110 to $122 in taxes and fees. That’s less constituents will have to spend.

The Tommy/Mason tax has caused my wife and I to plan our major purchases out of the "triad."

Recycling has always been a part of our lives. We now face a tough decision: If the fee is imposed, we either pay the fee, take our recyclables to the transfer station ourselves or just stop recycling. The later is easier to do and less expensive.

Al Horine

James City County

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