Understand the terms being tossed about

Authoritarianism? What is it? Let's define this word before we offer an opinion.

"The enforcement or advocacy of strict obedience to authority at the expense of personal freedom."

The question becomes, what has the president of the United States done to take your freedom? Racial scare tactics? Can someone please give an example of where the president has enforced an authority over anyone’s freedom based on race? I personally do not know of an example.

The advocacy of authority at the expense of freedom is in fact a Socialist Democrat ideology. Let us examine why:

» Getting rid of the Electoral College is a reduction in freedom our forefathers gave us. Why would anyone in this country other than an authoritarian want two states to rule 50? New York and California would be given an unfair advantage over 48 other states.

» Social welfare is an authoritarian form of rule. To take from one to give to another without permission is in fact a form of authoritarian rule.

» Free college for all? Another authoritarian type of rule. How do you pay for this without taking from others who have achieved and giving to those who have yet to achieve?

These are three examples of authoritarian-type rule and each of these examples are being touted as campaign promises by Socialist Democrats. When I read of those who accuse the president of authoritarian rule, I have to remind myself that those who accuse are often the perpetrators. Be wary Hansel and Gretel, the witch who offers you free candy is evil.

Reed Johnson


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