Cordasco's behavior meets voter's expectations

This voter’s review: I have taken the time to talk to both candidates running for the 93rd General Assembly District. Mr. Mullin wants to pursue a bill that will stop the school-to-prison pipeline. I think he has some good ideas, but the one item on my mind was a conversation about parental responsibility. Home life has to be a positive environment. No amount of costly after school programs will fix this, but neither will incarceration. Ms. Cordasco wants to find ways to increase pay for teachers, thereby drawing the very best to our area. I believe there are enough after-school activities available today and our real need is better teacher pay.

I believe the ACA is a failure and the expansion of Medicare in Virginia will increase all of our taxes. Ms. Cordasco’s ideas to create better funding for free clinics are the best solution.

She has made three visits to my neighborhood in the past three months, talking with my wife and me. I was impressed with the personal visits and Ms. Cordasco was quick to respond to my concerns. I suspect as our legislator that personality trait will carry over.

Anyone, Republican or Democrat, will be able to work with Ms. Cordasco, in my opinion, for the good of everyone. For this voter, the ability to communicate, listen and act in an appropriate amount of time is a historic American value that I believe in and Ms. Cordasco has met that expectation.

Reed Johnson


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