Electoral College is product of a Republic

The discussions concerning the Electoral College seem to ignore that the United States was established as a Republic, not a Democracy. The Founding Fathers had fears concerning majority rule and made compromises to dampen that effect.

To make laws, they voted to have two houses in Congress; not one. The house that represents the population has a representative with a two year term. The Senate which represents the states have members with a six year term. The purpose is to slow down law making and give some stability to Congress.

To make sure the president was not always elected by majority vote, they made the Electoral College the mode for election.

Initially, senators were appointed by the state government, not elected by popular vote. It took an amendment to the Constitution to change the way we now elect senators.

It will take an amendment to change — or eliminate — the Electoral College. Since there are only a few large-population states and many smaller population ones, I doubt the amendment would pass.

For more information on how and why our government was formed, study the history of the Constitutional Convention.

R. L Joosten


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