Gay, transgender people need protection

As a Virginian I am in support of protecting gay and transgender people from discrimination. I believe Hampton Roads is at its strongest when we’re all free to work hard, earn a living and go about our lives without fear of discrimination.

Many people are surprised to learn it is actually still legal under our state’s laws to discriminate against gay and transgender people in public employment and housing. Hampton Roads sees first-hand the impact that discrimination has on our region, but we also know a great majority of our neighbors agree discrimination is wrong.

A couple of weeks ago, dozens of organizations delivered thousands of postcards addressed to the General Assembly to share stories of discrimination and messages supporting these protections for gay and transgender Virginians.

We, as Virginians, believe in treating others as we want to be treated. The Virginia Senate has passed these protections for the previous three years and we believe that it is time that the House of Delegates does the same. Discrimination is wrong, and we urge our state delegates do something about it. Virginia can pass common-sense, bipartisan legislation this year to protect gay and transgender people in public employment and housing and to move equality forward in the commonwealth.

Josie Taylor-Soltys


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