Fred Rogers was the genuine article

Thank you Judy Salzman, for your article (VG, Dec. 7) about Fred Rogers.

I was working with WQED in Pittsburgh when Fred was completing Theological Seminary, also in Pittsburgh, and my brother and his wife happened to be in his class. Fred had dinner at our home after classes and I count these experiences as a gift in my life time.

Fred never acted a part. How he was, was who he was.

Hopefully, we will meet another special person in a group to which we belong, a class we attend, a cousin in our family group who has some of Fred’s qualities and because we have known him either in person or on television, we will recognize the qualities.

What makes a difference in our world is helping our children recognize the differences in each other and helping each other to be our best, which will be different in each person.

Again, thank you for bringing Fred Rogers into print.

Sandra Lenthall


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