Those who voted for sales tax not accountable to local voters

Both area delegates to the General Assembly have voted against SB 942.

None of the people I discussed SB 942 with or heard from about it supported the measure.

There is something fundamentally wrong with senators and delegates who are not accountable to voters in the Historic Triangle (city of Williamsburg and the counties of James City and York) imposing a tax in our area.

Some of these delegates and senators represent nearby areas where their retail businesses will benefit by increasing the sales tax in the Historic Triangle. The more appropriate vehicle for such a tax increase would be to authorize Boards of Supervisors and City Council in the Historic Triangle, all accountable to their voters, to impose the tax in their locality.

This regressive tax increase puts a heavier burden on residents, especially those of modest means; it raises the sales tax from 6 percent to 7 percent, a new high in the state of Virginia.

There was no transparency during the senate’s passage of this bill.

This tax will make our retail business and employment less competitive.

In a complete reversal of normal tax practices, it would unreasonably subsidize the tourism industry by providing half of this regional sales tax increase to a Tourism Council of the Greater Williamsburg Chamber & Tourism Alliance (the council), created by the bill, at the expense of residents and the retail industry.

Robert E. Lund, Jr.


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