When it comes to immigration, illegal is illegal

Gail Miller's letter in the Gazette on Jan. 2 seems to imply that illegal immigrants who came into the United States and overstayed their visas are OK to be here because they were screened prior to their arrival. Then the bulk of the letter goes on to describe people attempting to enter the U.S. through the southern border in the most unflattering manner.

While I agree there is a large problem with those trying to enter the U.S. through the southern border, I must strongly disagree with the implication that those who overstay their visas aren't a problem.

I do not care whether someone who is in the United States is from Hungary or Honduras, Tokyo or Tijuana; they are all here illegally and should be removed from the United States. I do not care if they are brown and speak Spanish, fair skinned and speak English with a Swedish accent, or red headed and speak with an Irish brogue. All of those here illegally need to be deported and placed at the far end of the line when it comes to applications for visas of any kind.

One way to assure those here illegally cannot find work in the U.S. is to charge the employer with a crime for hiring them and, once convicted, send them to jail for a period of time rather than allowing the employer to pay a fine.

Businesses see the current system of paying a fine as a part of the cost of doing business. If the CEO of a company knew that if he got caught having an illegal worker cleaning rooms or washing dishes in one of his hotels, he would spend several months in an orange jumpsuit while eating off of a steel tray with a plastic spoon, he would see to it that none of his workers were in the country illegally.

Lawton Maner


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