Luria shows leadership Congress needs

This letter is in support of voting for Elaine Luria on Nov. 6. I voted for Scott Taylor in the last Congressional election; I mistakenly believed he would be strong enough to vote independently.

Taylor has voted along party lines, being complicit with Trump most of the time — even when harmful to our country. Voting in favor of tax cuts was irresponsible and, as predicted, is leading to the conservative effort to cut Social Security and Medicare. I don’t have confidence Taylor will protect his constituents on this issue.

The situation involving his paid campaign staff acting unethically, at best, is too serious to ignore. Either Taylor was aware of their actions or, if he wasn’t aware, he was not setting a good example to manage his paid staff. Neither of these options instills confidence in his ethical leadership abilities.

Elaine Luria has demonstrated excellent and fair leadership qualities throughout her Navy and small business experience. She has been supportive of Social Security and Medicare as well as consumer protections within the Affordable Care Act including coverage for pre-existing conditions. She is opposed to tax cuts for the wealthy, which eventually having to be paid for by the middle class. Instead she wants to repeal the tax breaks for the super rich while maintaining tax cuts for the middle class.

For the first time in a long time, I am excited about voting for a Congressional Representative. I firmly believe Elaine Luria is an excellent choice; she will work hard for the 2nd District

Lonnie Mattes


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