Fast response may have saved lives

Last Thursday evening when Tropical Storm Michael caused a power outage, our whole-house generator came on to our relief. However, Friday as we went to bed, our carbon monoxide detector started blaring.

We called the Kingsmill police who contacted the JCC Fire Department. Within minutes, the Kingsmill police responded followed by two JCC fire vehicles. We quickly learned from the firefighters that our entire home had dangerously high levels of CO. We were evacuated, but the firefighters entered and opened windows and doors and used a large fan to clean out the CO. It took about an hour before we could re-enter our home.

The cause of the problem was our generator, which was properly installed, but its exhaust had been blowing into a crawlspace foundation vent; they closed that vent and declared it safe.

While at our home, the firefighters acted professionally and politely, and we would like to thank them for their work and for possibly saving our lives. While I didn’t get names, I believe they were based at the Route 5 station. Thank you! I also thank the Kingsmill Police who set up the proper response.

Donald McGuckin


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