Man's well-lived life an inspiration

I had the good fortune to attend a service recently for Maj. (Ret.) Edward Mills at a non-denominational Chapel in Williamsburg.

Eddie fought for his country and in the end, continued to fight his own battles until his last days. He was a decorated war veteran. When he wasn’t touring in combat, he could be found shooting hoops with an old friend or literally saving a neighbor’s life, on occasion.

When Eddie was in Afghanistan, Iraq or other countries while serving, he was thinking about his family and helping other soldiers. It was heartwarming to see the number of men who came forward to talk about Eddie’s well-lived life. They nearly all had tears in their eyes and held back from being totally choked up.

Many friends and family attended, from his friend who grew up with him when he was 3 years old to a PTSD survivor who often leaned on Eddie, to a lawyer who drove through the night to come to the services, noting that Eddie was by his side all the way. Everyone had one thing in common – they all learned about goodness from Eddie and were forever changed by him.

His children read psalms, played heavenly music, including a song that rang clear, “God only knows,” as it relates to the fact that God only knows what you have been through. Eddie’s wife, Dawn, could not speak for long as the crisis of the moment still held her in disbelief. Dawn, a great mother, is the glue that holds her family together now. The Mills raised good Christian children who are very active in the church.

This military family is well supported by its community and well loved. Eddie — father, husband, friend and soldier — had a good send-off; may he rest in peace now. He leaves the Earth with an incredible legacy for others to keep tucked into their own moral compasses. God bless Eddie always, to eternity and beyond!

Many thanks to the family for inviting us to the service, where we were able to share a piece of your world with Eddie. Having never known Eddie I, too, got to bond with him through his acts of kindness, good spirit and others’ memories shared.

Laura Metzger


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