W&M athletics don't need to be fixed

The athletics folks at the College of William and Mary should know better than to try to fix what ain’t broke.

Right now, W&M’s intercollegiate athletics are in most respects a model for the nation, even though they cost a bomb and are funded in large part by a fee on students (who mostly are indifferent to the games and matches); each student pays each year an intercollegiate athletic fee of nearly $2,000 — yikes!

But at least the program is an honest one that attracts, retains and graduates athletes who are almost all also strong in academics. And that kind of student is relatively rare, and, especially in football, likely to become even more so. Keeping that calibre of recruit while ramping up the pressure to win may be hard.

And given the Board of Visitors’ current worries about the college’s existing financial model, directing more money to athletics seems unwise.

If Samantha Huge, et al, seriously want to better align the program with the academic excellence at W&M (and cut costs), they should head for Division III where the likes of Amherst, Johns Hopkins, Washington University and Williams compete. That’s pretty much our academic league.

Terry Meyers


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